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Guarding the Potatoes, Abandoning the People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/21/guarding-potatoes-abandoning-people

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I loved Mr. Potato Head, as he was a wonderful toy! Perhaps I will write in Mr. Potato head for President. We need that Potato Head quality for President-----eternal vigilance–of course , and as every one knows that potatoes have lots of eyes! : )

Good grief, where to start. I know, keep those dipsticks in the photo away from me please, no one needs idiots near them who can’t pose for a photo without pointing an assault weapon at their friends. At least most rednecks in my southern state know better than this, some can even spell better too.
And we’ll need two groups of “potato guards”, I’m guessing Trump doesn’t know VA. mostly grows sweet potatoes, and very few regular potatoes.

Abby outdid herself on this essay!! ROTFL

The last photo, “My work here is almost done”, a perfect portrait of trumps agenda.

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I have to admit I’m pretty tired of Lotters myself.

Every other building down here: Trent Lott this Trent Lott that.

Screw the Lotters. I say, go ahead and shoot! ;))


LOL. How else was he going to campaign??? :)))
Oh, and don’t forget the airport the voters turned down in a referendum, but was built in his honor anyway.

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hahaha. that sucker is my neighbor. i think the coast guard uses it for their two choppers.

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Btw, sorry we never got a chance to meet. My roomie passed away last week so I have to be on the move again. Couldn’t find a timely replacement for her to stay here in lovely Moss Point.

So the scramble to survive America continues for me. I’m glad my dear friend’s at peace now and out of pain.

When this ends, hopefully we’ll go have a lunch somewhere. :))

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Oh wow, I’m sorry to here that, if I can help in any way let me know. Yes, I would very much like to meet and share a meal and stories in the near future. Let me know where you land, either here or through our private channel.

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