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Guatemala Shows Why the CIA Must Be Held Accountable For Torture


Guatemala Shows Why the CIA Must Be Held Accountable For Torture

Elizabeth Oglesby

Gina Haspel's nomination for CIA chief has reignited debate over accountability for torture.


Gina Haspel should have been fired and not considered for promotion or leadership responsibilities. This wouldn’t end her career though because there are plenty of job opportunities with private mercenaries with her skill set.



Diane Feinstein calls on the CIA to declassify records on Haspel’s involvement in the CIA’s rendition, detention, and torture program…How’s that working out for you Diane?


“Rebuilding” the rule of law here in the U.S. would mean FIRING the entire Executive Branch and Congress!


Hear! Hear!
*It will be a tough job, but let’s get on with it!


Elizabeth, thank you for keeping these acts from fading into history’s dustbin.


DF needs removed and someone with a fuctional brain put on the investigation.
Anyone with holding information should be in jail awaiting trial.
The way to deal with the Criminals In Authority is arrest them and remove them from their network.
Their history of behaviour removes any doubt as to their guilt, it is rather they need to prove their innocence.
Since they have been guilty every time throughout history.
Only small imbecilic children wave the cia flag.