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Guess Which Presidential Candidate Top CEOs Prefer? Hint: It's Not Trump


Guess Which Presidential Candidate Top CEOs Prefer? Hint: It's Not Trump.

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A majority of chief executives of the world's biggest companies say they would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for president, according to a new survey that upends the usual Republican leanings of corporate CEOs.

Fortune magazine in May sent a poll to all of the executives on its 500 list asking them to rank their preference between the two candidates. (No other options were given.)


And of course it follows that anyone or anything that corporate CEO's don't support must be good for people who are not CEOs. Q.E.D. (Not!)


The margin of error in this poll is 11%.

Clinton's 58 +/- 11 = a range of [47, 69]
Trump's 42 +/- 11 = a range of [31, 53]

Since the two ranges overlap the poll is arguably useless.
From a strictly mathematical standpoint.

Though I strongly suspect its conclusion is correct. Clinton's in a better position than Trump to deliver what the military-industrial-congressional complex wants. The Banks, Ms Clinton's BFF, are not just an integral part of the MICC, they are the driving force behind it.

Clinton Trumps Trump.

Population 500
95% confidence
Sample size 71

Margin of Error Calculator


Anybody that CEO's hate can't be all bad.


While only "a majority of CEOs of the world's biggest companies say they would support Clinton over Trump", 100% of them will contribute to both Clinton's and Trump's campaign war chests to assure that whoever wins will continue to represent the interests of said corporation above all else.

While most voters either don't want to or can't understand that their votes in the marketplace (where they spend their money) count far more than any vote they have ever cast in ballot boxes, CEOs all understand that bribes to politicians (legal or illegal) have always been the most productive way for them to cast their votes in the marketplace. Many CEOs never vote at the ballot box, just at campaign war chests.


The same people should be polled with "whom would you prefer as President , Trump or Sanders".


Didn't we know already that Hillary Clinton is the Queen of the 1%? Where's the news here?


Of course Hillary Clinton would be backed by major CEOs at this point. What's not to like from their perspective?

What shouldn't be taken from this, is that Trump is somehow anti-corporate governance. He isn't.


One thing that corporations like is predictability. Trump is unpredictable. He changes his mind constantly. It certainly makes sense for CEOs to prefer Clinton who is far more predictable.


Either way, the corporate CEO's win and we (the unwashed masses) lose.


Bernie Sanders is the 99% option; he is for "we the people".


It is not only about "predictability". They put money in candidates, and they expect something in return. I will vote for Sanders; and if he is not nominated I will vote for Jill Stein (Green Party). Jill Stein, like Sanders, don't accept money from Wall Street and Corporations for her political campaign.


The DNC is now the corporation party.


What the billionaire CEOs of these powerful global corporations like is the predictability of subservience by their favorite lowly millionaires who swim like parasitic fish alongside their billionaire hosts.

These billionaires, in a few days make more money, and thus hold more power than the entire net worth, and likely potential earnings of their lowly millionaire partners in crime.

Currently the status of the world's power structure, is Planet Billionaire.

But I'm confident that doesn't bug you.


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How in the world is Trump not a corporate tool?

He want's to deregulate fracking and oil exploration. He wants to build up the military, or isn't the MIC corporate in your opinion? He wants to cut corporate tax rates, and lower tax rates for repatriating corporate profits held off shore. He wants to end subsidies that exist in ACA, and wants a healthcare system based solely on the "free market".

Oh yes, he's a real threat to corporate America, don't you know.


Let the Coronation Proceed.....
1. She was given an opponent more toxic than her self for the people to choose from.
2. The Corporate Masters have spoken...and given her their blessing.
3. Her only real rival is showing signs of conceding and taking a VP role.


She will give them all the wars they want to keep the money rolling in, and she will help Big Pharma stay in the Health Care game and get huge profits. She will bamboozle the people and give us a few crumbs from the golden plate of the top 10%. They will be well taken care of and pay few or no taxes. What's not to love for a CEO?


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