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Guess Who Else Is Fundraising for Clinton's Campaign: Private Prison Lobbyists


Guess Who Else Is Fundraising for Clinton's Campaign: Private Prison Lobbyists

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In addition to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is turning to lobbyists for the two biggest private prison companies in the country, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, to raise money for her 2016 presidential candidacy.


No wonder that Salon Magazine recently reported that Bernie has received more small individual donations than Hillary. She is the heir apparent to succeed Obama as leader of the "corporate whore" wing of the Democratic Party.


I wasn't going to vote for her to begin with, but this automatically removes her from any consideration, far as I am concerned.


Hillary's positions on numerous issues is very troubling. She differs sharply with Obama on key foreign policy issues. But it is so early to say what we will or won't do. I don't want to vote for her but if it were Clinton vs any of the 16 republicans I would choose her experience and social values over theirs anytime,any day.


I understand Hillary has to pay people to attend her gatherings and I was just wondering if she has any supporters left who volunteer because they still believe she is looking out for the average person? Know anyone that fits this bill, no pun intended? I can only think of one person who isn't convinced Hillary is on the side of the mega-corporations harming our world for profit and she is only found on facebook.


Why? She has voted just like the republicans and other bought and paid for democrats on all the issues that truly matter to the establishment and all you still need do to prove this to yourself, research her voting record at: www.congress.org.


The malevolence of Madam Mayhem's money makers


We need to constantly remind ourselves that the same big bucks are giving money to both sides. I've reached the conclusion that the next President has already been chosen by the oligarchs that rule this country. I think this has happened many times. The masses cannot be trusted to know what's best for them...I don't know who that will be yet but it is done. The rest is theatrics. The rest of the show is to make the public "feel" like we are part of the process. Do you trust the computer touchscreen machines to count Accuarately? It's not real. Think creatively. Act collectively. Throw a wrench in the machine. Then WE can rum run (sorry) the machine. I can't can'ttypeanymoreon this phone.


My phone somehow magically turned up with phone numbers and contacts that were foreign to me. I thought someone hacked my phone. I called the number under ME and spoke with a guy in Chicago (I live in Atlanta) and he said he lost his phone. My phone is new. I have been the only owner. The numbers just showed up one morning from nowhere. Do you trust the machines? After all the anomalies? It's a lie. What's it gonna take? /


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I will NEVER vote for Hillary just like I refused to support BO (as I like to call him) in 2012. Will vote Bernie or Green.


Taking campaign cash for For-Proift prisons should be no surprise (& let;s you know Hillary's recent speeches about "criminal justice reform" are BS) She's been LONG time :tough on crime": FOR the "drug war", FOR "3 strikes & yo;re out", FOR the death penalty. ONLY NOW as she's trying for POTUS for the 2nd time does she SAY anything about these issues. Don't believe the hype!She & Bill joined the 1% after they left the WH: they'd take money from anyone---and they sure DON'T represent everyday people! Hillary pushed for Bill to support "welfare reform: saying (quote from CARL BERNSTEIN'S bio of her) "The liberals will scream but we have to do it to get Bill re-elected" Bill SINGED REPEAL of Glass-Stegall (dEPRESSION ERA LAW THAT REINED IN BIG BANKS) & Paved the way FOR 2008-9 Wall At. crash. She also REFUSES to take a stand on TPP (as Sec. of State in 2011 she said "TPP is gold standard for free trade") You can't trust ANYthing she says. I suggest Hillary-supporters ECUATE themselves on her, rather than get sucked in w/the "first woman prez" nonsense (or the inevitable "SCARY Republicans" one). Watergate reporter CARL BERNSTEIN (the one who did NOT sell out as Bob Woodward has) wrote a biograhy of HIllary in 2008. It should be required reading for every HIllary-supporter BEFORE the primaries.


We get the politics and policies that the middle class support or allow. I disagree that Obama is a corporate whore. We must note that, with rare exception, the president can only submit his proposals to Congress, and Congress makes all the decisions. True, the president can over-ride Congress, but this is something Americans oppose -- an imperial presidency. That said, one thing we can note is that as president, Obama reversed the appalling cuts in Social Security benefits, made by the Clinton administration (a number of Dems remain hell-bent on ending Social Security, starting with the disabled). Obama has created -- and was able to get Congress to pass -- policies that resulted in more job creation, as well as in bringing many jobs back to the US. This is especially important today, given this generation's war on the poor. The problem for progressives is that today's Dems in Congress are generally well to the right, esp. on socioeconomic issues. In fact, when it comes to these critical (to the whole of the country) policies, today's Dems are to the right of former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, even Reagan. This is what the president has to work with.


People forget how our elections process works. Normally, the VP goes on to run for president. VP Joe Biden will be launching his campaign by early 2016 (note:back in 2010, Obama/Biden had jumped into the campaign only after at least half a dozen Dems announced they were running.) Any Dem pol can then challenge him for the nomination, and the primaries will determine which one goes on to run for president.

That said, we can only guess why lib media virtually disregard Biden, and I don't know if this will change once he formally launches his campaign. What I do distinctly recall is that this same media had a very tepid reaction to candidate Barack Obama.


Why are people surprised? Both Clintons have long, solid records as neoliberals (right-wingers). Despite the current (if confusing) popularity of Obama-bashing, he is the closest we've had to a progressive president in decades, since Carter. Obama was actually able to restore the damage to Social Security done by the Clinton admin., and the tragedy is that the "liberal" media of this generation disregarded it (as well as most of Obama's successes). In fact, this media have maintained a message that our corporate state is so successful, everyone is able to work and there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Nice notion, but disconnected from reality.


Yep, you're preaching to the choir here.


Does anyone know why CD has disallowed comments under its articles?


Well, even though we love Bernie....and a LOT more, we know she may have to be the one... And I definitely want to see a woman president...but this kind of thing really upsets me. I have a friend in an Oklahoma private prison who, I strongly believe, is a victim of the false accusation problem. He is an extremely moral man and even though he married the wrong woman, his ex asked him to take his out of control teenage daughter to live with him because she was involved with a drug dealer. He took her in, told her she could not see this dealer. She said she was going to and he'd be sorry if he tried to stop her. Dad did. And he's sorry alright. I can't remember how many years but it was a totally he-said/she said case and his life is over as he knew it. Pretty horrible. I HATE to see Hilliary is taking this kind of totally tainted money.


I'm with you. If not Bernie, it's Jill Stein. I cannot live with smearing my life with voting for a corrupt creature as Hillary who is tied to the prison industrial system since her hubby made long sentences for minor crimes mandatory (he was also getting plenty of money from CCA & GEO).