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Guess Who's Against a "Safe Zone" in Northern Syria? U.S.-Backed Kurds


Guess Who's Against a "Safe Zone" in Northern Syria? U.S.-Backed Kurds

Robert Naiman

Some folks would have you believe that it would be all unicorns and ponies in Syria if only President Obama weren't so reluctant to use military force. If only President Obama would send more ground troops, or establish a "safe zone" along the Turkey-Syria border, or impose a "no fly zone," or bomb more with less concern about civilian casualties - why, we'd have ISIS whipped faster than you can say, "The Turkish government hates journalists more than they hate ISIS."


And most of those folks in Peoria could care less if civilians die in those airstrikes, whomever carries them out.


Interesting description of the various entanglements and contrary interests and treaties involved. The US looks a whole lot like Wotan in Das Rheingold when he called on Loge (Loki, god of fire) to help him get out of his predicament, caused by his unwise agreements, and ended up stealing the ring of the Nibelungs. And we all know how well that turned out: the entire realm of the gods - down in flames.
This must be my day for analogies as this is my second one in two comments. This one is an almost perfect analogy to present day politics along with the devastation our so-called leaders are willing to call down upon all of our heads.


Nice analogy... apt.