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Guiding Obama into Global Make-Believe


Guiding Obama into Global Make-Believe

Ray McGovern

CIA Director John Brennan told TV host Charlie Rose on Friday that, on assuming office, President Barack Obama “did not have a good deal of experience” in intelligence-related matters, adding – with remarkable condescension – that now “he has gone to school and understands the complexities.”


Sad to say …


I’m sorry to be so dismissive but this article is laughable.

The idea that Obama - or anyone in Washington, for that matter - is making foreign policy decisions is beyond childish.



Beyond Global Make-Believe.

The “school” Brennan indicated that an American President must attend, is actually part and parcel of the “information warfare” campaign being discussed, a Propaganda Treatment required to get as many public officials on the same ideological page as the non-elected elected foes of domestic democracy who run this nation behind the scenes, building what is considered by some to be a kind of semi-invisible “Fourth Reich.”
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This is the most organized part of the on-going War on Democracy. that took its greatest leaps forward post 911 with the Patriot Act, designed to shift power seemingly legally, decimate rights, and justify an expanding state of warfare at home and abroad.


Between Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” and PNAC’s mission statement, etc., I am not sure how anyone can be surprised at what is now coming to fruition. Elections are about messaging and not about leading or representation. Let’s remember JFK’s indignation at secret forces in the dark.


Nuland works for Obama…correct? So, if he was against the overthrow of the government of Ukraine, he should have fired her.


What I am not seeing is a clear outline of exactly what outcome these people are seeking. The most basic tool for any policy is an evaluation of ends-ways-means. We’re seeing a lot of talk about “ways,” and some about “means,” but practically nothing about “ends.” Do they not know what they are trying to accomplish, and are busily creating fires here and there hoping for something positive to come out of it (positive for their purposes, let’s be clear).Or are their “ends” so nefarious, stupid, self serving, idiotic and indefensible, that they don’t want to talk about them?


I don’t like to delve into puppet politician’s personalities, realizing that’s how the ruling oligarchy deflects attention and blame for what devastation it causes through its hammer, the CIA and its James Bond “licensed to kill” wannabes.

We know that militarizing the police is bad, but cons and non-voters have also given the spooks all the money and weapons of mass destruction they want, and immunity for what major crimes they commit, most of which we cannot know about.


Taking a look at John Brennan’s wikipedia page, which includes CEO service at Global Intelligence Solutions and GTEC - can’t find anything about the company and would imagine that there is probably what used to be called a conflict of interest - not to mention that this has become standard profile for the US government.
The patterns of impoverishment of science, vision, visibility, and the mental architectural model of life as weapon stockpile is coming full circle, barreling along at the pace greased by perspectives that give us images like intention to ‘flush it down the drain’. My,my, they certainly are perfecting that for themselves aren’t they.


You’re reading this stuff before you’re a concerned citizen who needs as much accurate information as you can get to formulate an intelligent and rational response to the chaotic situation we find ourselves in. I also get depressed sometimes reading all of the articles that confirm my suspicions that we live in the “4th Reich”, but we must be ready to seize the opportunity when that opportunity presents itself to change the status quo. Don’t stop reading (or commenting!) even when what we read, breaks our hearts. After all… united we stand!


I have been thinking the same thing for months! This also makes me think about whether Obama is simply a ruthless sociopath who says one thing and means another or whether he actually has a conscience but is unable to act on it because of the behind-the-scenes-power brokers are just too scary for Obama to contemplate any detour from the mainstream narrative. In any case, his various appointments of confirmed sociopaths to his cabinet from Nuland to Kerry only seem to reinforce our convictions that he’s not up to the job of reforming a broken and dangerous system.


"The German magazine Der Spiegel has just published a highly unusual article critical of the NATO military commander, Air Force General Philip Breedlove, entitled “Breedlove’s Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine.”

Hitler must be turning over in his grave. It’s amazing how often things come full circle.


Surely Goebbels was “the author of the doctrine”:

“This “rhetoric” strategy follows the tried-and-true intelligence gambit known as the Mighty Wurlitzer, in which false and misleading information is blasted out by so many different sources – like the pipes of an organ – that the lies become believable just because of their repetition.”

… Nor was Edward Bernays far behind.



“The Ukraine story has followed this pattern with dubious claims being made and repeated by U.S. and Ukrainian officials and then amplified by a credulous Western news media, persuading people who otherwise might know better — even when supporting evidence is lacking.”

Given the fact that the false news stories that served as a cover for already planned wars led to neither punishments nor prosecutions, the same Military-Industrial-Media complex responsible for deceiving the nation into war still has a free pass; and that’s because IT (along with banks, who finance and thereby profit from wars) runs the place.

If the goal is making war in order to move inventory, maintain a rationale for an obscenely bloated military budget, and keep war profiteers financially fat and happy, then no agency connected to the military-run-state is going to do much to thwart it. Lies make possible its great sins. So lies are what’s served up.

The names of players Nu/new Land and Breed-Love are glaring for their insistence upon hypocrisy.

O bomb a breeds love in a Nu land.




I’ve also made many parallels with the post covert coup USA and Nazi Germany. I differ from you in that you aren’t putting 3 major aspects into your analysis:

  1. The role of financial warfare via BRICS
  2. The protest movements forming all over Europe and much of the rest of the world and how it will pressure leaders
  3. The role of climate chaos.

Since the German newspaper DID challenge Nuland and friends’ saber rattling, you cannot say that nations will stand back and do nothing. It’s too soon to tell.

And as for learning from history: what is learned is not indicated when a thug holds a gun to your head.

The U.S. military supremacy is the threat that hangs over all nations and all sentient life. How much choice has any peaceful person had when so much of the Deep State grew its military munitions and cartels on the basis of False flags, extra-judicial assassinations, the kind of trade deals that John Perkins documents, and so much wheeling and dealing through global arms and other deals?

Power’s misuse of power speaks to those who have it far more than those on its receiving end. That distinction is blurred over and too often lost.


The FACT that the same “experts” are recycled from one dismal administration to the other suggests less in the way of them being chosen by the current puppet-in-chief and more about the metrics of power. These insiders are the ones that the REAL controllers want because they are loyal to the wishes of the hidden elites. They are its consigliere-style-servants. Obama is hardly The Decider. The JFK matter should have made THAT loud and clear. Or how about Bush? He could barely utter a line. Cheney was there to prop him up. Cheney and his minions are ALWAYS there. Daddy Bush’s Junta is a big part of the institutional elite.


How can you possibly not implicate the Obama Administration for blocking prosecution of war crimes by “the spooks”, unless of course you are rightfully labeling Obama as one of the “cons” that has actively militarized the police, whose Executive Branch direction has expanded surveillance powers through fusion centers that attack real progressive movements of the people like OWS, and who has ensured to an unprecedented degree “most of which we cannot now about” through his prosecution of whistle blowers and journalists.

If you are labeling Obama as one of the preeminent cons in this rightward lurch then you have a point.


As noted by another poster above, you can read The Grand Chessboard, and then the Project for a New American Century manifesto, for pretty clear outlines, straight from the horse’s mouth, about what they are seeking and how they are going about it. i would also recommend the writings of Bruce Gagnon at the Global Network for ongoing analysis of how their strategy is being executed.

They want to rule the world; they are using the military of the USA as their ultimate tool; they seek Full Spectrum Dominance (dominance of EVERYTHING, across all possible methods of engagement); and they see Russia and ultimately China as the primary “threats” to their dominance.