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Guilty as Charged: Duke Energy to Pay Record Fine for Coal Ash Crimes


Guilty as Charged: Duke Energy to Pay Record Fine for Coal Ash Crimes

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Duke Energy pleaded guilty on Thursday to environmental crimes and has agreed to pay a record $102 million in fines and restitution for years of illegal pollution, ignored warnings, and poorly maintained infrastructure.

U.S. District Court Judge Malcolm Howard said it is the largest federal criminal fine in North Carolina history.


I wonder what percentage of their annual net that $102M represents. 10%? 5%? 1%? Less?


Where are the comments from Carolinians who will be at risk due to Duke Energy. ? The south will do anything to preserve jobs , but suicide?


Isn’t Duke Energy actually the Koch Brothers?
Maybe it would be better to put them in jail rather than slap their hand with a fine.
That’s what I vote for !!!


Well now we can all rest assured that the EPA will be keeping a close watch on this sociopathic personhood and be confident that their vigilance will insure Duke Energy’s future full compliance to the full letter of the law. Hey out there anybody want to by some sweet Florida beachfront?


bingo. you can get ten years in the slammer for THINKING out doing some terror, but no harm dne. so this level of destruction ad past criminal conduct demands hars time foe those responsible. not that i expesct it to happen of course. just sayin


A drop in a bileful bucket


Duke Energy profits are 3 Billion. Yes, that’s with a ‘B’.


Wow! That fine was a whole FIVE PERCENT of their year’s PROFIT. That’ll learn 'em, by golly!

I suppose we should be thankful, really, that it wasn’t 0.5%.


Duke will probably get it all back plus some xtra when the TPP descends on an unwary America- We will ALL just be cannon fodder for these poisonous and polluting mega monsters…


North Carolina is owned by a few wealthy men who take advantage of every profit opportunity. What they do not care about is the poison they send into the drinking water at Virginia Beach. They think they are the owners of the universe and will continue their sociopathic behavior until the poisoned people rise up and say “enough”. Sadly the people in North Carolina also seem to have no concern for what they are doing to others when they “elect” this type of leadership.


Only 5% and thy’ll deduct this from their taxes. So guess who ends up paying the fine? That’s right, taxpayers!

You have to hand it to the corporate world, they have gamed the system to perfection.