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'Guilty of Embarrassing Government': CIA Whistleblower Gets 42-Month Sentence


'Guilty of Embarrassing Government': CIA Whistleblower Gets 42-Month Sentence

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A federal court in Alexandria, Virginia sentenced former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling to three and a half years in prison on Monday in a case that has received widespread condemnation for revealing the "rank hypocrisy" of the U.S. government's war on whistleblowers.


Pride-be-all-that-you-can-be has been the “brand” of the USA usurious advertising campaign to kill others for how may decades of this ongoing fall?.

Dignity and honor in the face of criminal deceit and revealing it to uphold THE INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED should be rewarded not punished.

Thank you Jeffery Sterling


FTA: “Sterling’s attorneys asked U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema to reconsider the proposed terms, arguing that former CIA director and retired general David Petraeus was given a plea deal and shown great leniency despite comparable charges.”

Wait! There are three important differences. 1. Petraeus is white; Sterling is black. 2. Petraeus has been a member of the US ruling class; Sterling is nobody. 3. Petraeus leaked secrets for self-aggrandizement and $ – legitimate ruling class motives; Sterling wanted to expose government stupidity and criminality – a definite no-no, especially for a nobody.


‘Guilty of Embarrassing Government While Black’.


We should thank him by mounting a large campaign in his defense.


On other websites that are gung ho for Dems, this is what I think of… This lesser of 2 evils crap has got to stop, and other people must not take it seriously as a criticism. Everyone should vote independent, and yes I am also referring to Bernie Sanders. I will not vote Dem ever again, and this is just another example of why. The Obama admin can hunt Assange and Snowden, imprison Jeffery Sterling…but throw up their hands and say, “We can’t arrest anyone for banking fraud, its too hard…or environmental terrorism…or really anything rich people/corps do to the 99%” The hypocrisy from the politicians is expected, but I want to PUNCH THE NEXT IDIOT IN THE FACE, when they say we HAVE TO vote Dems because if you don’t you are helping the GOP win. I say to that, I don’t give a flying fuck what you idiot sheeple do, because both groups are fools and we need to stop voting for out in the open criminals and their enablers. If you are voting for the 2 party sham, you are getting what you deserve!

I say this to all would be whistleblowers. Post articles but don’t stick your head out for the sheeple, THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO CARE. These American fools are NOT worth ruining your lives, because they are only paying attention to reality shows and pics of food! These sheeple will not turn away from the slaughter house because there is HDTV there…save yourself and become a journalist or something else, I already know most of what you release so don’t do it for me either. They don’t know who Assange, Manning, or Snowden even are, after they ruined their lives for the sheeple herd. Their response is MOOOOO…because they are too fucking stupid to know that sheep don’t moooo! They want to vote for war criminals and they want to bomb and kill innocent people, they like the government that way…


…or voting the lesser of 2 evils with a straight face.


Shills like you take subjects related to government malfeasance and turn that into salivating HATRED for your fellow man and woman. YOU are a sicko.


You are partially correct, I do not suffer fools. I am the SICKO sick of idiots supporting the status quo. I may have been over the top…but the point is made. and based on comment 75% approve to your 25% disapprove. If you think the sheeple can be saved, I encourage you to fight to save them, go for it with my blessing. Ruin and waste your life on people who don’t care, don’t know, and are ignorant to both. How else can you explain the current state of the USA , the laughing stock of the 1st world? Because of sickos like me, or the ones that are doing and supporting what this article explains?


…and sorry for the tone but this just got my back up. Tyrants run this bs and it is time for everybody to be as mad as I am. If you are not mad as hell, you’re not paying attention!


Rather than back up this post with more words, rationale and facts I will just say it reflects in emotion, anger and expression my feelings. If you have any self respect remaining do not vote for any person running for state or federal elective office as a Democrat or Republican. And please donate to help Mr. Sterling and his family through these next years.


The votes are in, the Feds suck the capitalist root, and the nation and superficial, quasi-culture known as the USA on its way down the toilet.


Hear, hear, everything you say is all too true. Anyone, who messes with the Criminals In Action brigade will have a bad end…JFK . A black congressman telling this honest man to leave the country says it all.


Thank you. I am full agreement with you…we better save ourselves first, like the flight safety video’s…“put you mask on first…” I have conversed with Siouxrose11, I respect this person so that is the only reason why I half apologized for my tone. But to your point, if we can do something revolutionary in our lives maybe the sheeple will pay attention, if not, the sheeple can do what they want. I am too old now to believe that we can sway the herd, because the herd is infected with “The Stupid”. It like a virus, and it just keeps spreading in defiance of the information age. So I will start by either never voting Dem again…or hate myself and do it ONE LAST TIME for Bernie. I am still not sure about the Dems, but I do like and respect Bernie Sanders, so maybe he will be the last Dem vote I ever cast.


I agree with your position, and I stopped voting Democratic a long time ago. There is usually somebody better, except for California general elections in which only two candidates are allowed to appear. I didn’t vote for Congress last time around, because the Dem on the ballot did not repudiate his party.


More Obama hypocrisy. He did it to Thomas Drake, to Bradley Manning, to John Kiriakou, to Barrett Brown, to Jeremy Hammond, to Edward Snowden, and tried to do it to James Risen. But who cares, right? It’s okay because he’s a Democrat! Lesser of two evils!


The irony in the Kiriakou case is double. First, what he is accused of doing accidentally is something many have officially done deliberately. Second, little or no damage was done by Kiriakou, and the spread of information could have easily been contained. It was the prosecutor who ensured that the information in question would be spread far and wide.