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'Guilty of Kidnapping 2,500 Children': Protesters Hand Out 'Missing' and 'Wanted' Posters at Stephen Miller's DC Home


'Guilty of Kidnapping 2,500 Children': Protesters Hand Out 'Missing' and 'Wanted' Posters at Stephen Miller's DC Home

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Although senior adviser Stephen Miller has been a driving force behind the Trump administration's immigration agenda—most notably, the so-called "zero tolerance" policy that separated thousands of families at the Southern border—he has mostly avoided the spotlight.


The things that Trump and his swamp things are doing to this country are not just political differences from the rest of society they are completely immoral. In so many ways on top of the refugee crisis, lack of support for public education, taking away support for medicare, medicaid and social security, destruction of wilderness areas, climate denial, support of dictators, looking for fights around the world, support of racism and white supremacy, making money hand over fist while in office, on and on…these are crimes not merely disagreements. These people must be stopped! I am all for public shaming, ridicule and harassment. We should all start calling them out whenever and wherever we find these slime balls.


Harassing these slime balls by finding out where they live is a great start. We have the numbers and need to do this wide scale! Throw them out of local businesses, follow them, scare them back. Great plan!


Excellent concise post you wrote! Thanks!

Serving Nazis in restaurants and renting home or office space to them is against my religion. If the jerk in Colorado can refuse a gay couple a friggin’ wedding cake, then we can refuse service to Nazis.

Public offices, BAND TOGETHER…BAN NAZIS AND HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS…including the five retarded closeted-fascist SCOTUS jurists: Gorsuch, Thomas, Kennedy, Roberts, and Alito.


They won’t be scared, but none of them wears a hearing aid …so yell and sing …loudly.


This is precisely kidnapping. The president promised millions of people during his campaign that he would force Mexico to pay for a boarder wall. This is his motive. The intent is to get $25b from Mexico. The innocent victims are 2300 children. That is $10,869,565.28/kid. So, our administration, like super villains were demanding $10.9m/kid from the Mexican government for their release. Congress would draw up bills that they claimed included every policy that Donald Trump wanted, but they were lying. The bills did not include a way to make Mexico pay for the wall, but he already made the demand and he can not claim ignorance. You do not have to be in the FBI to recognize that he was leveraging the safety and freedom of 2300 children for $25b from the Mexican government. You do not have to have a plan to be guilty of kidnapping.


Nothing upsets Deep Cesspool sludge beings more than having to look in the mirror.
The Deep Cesspool beings will have to get used to bright lights.


It appears a few people are actually learning how to protest these bastards. Wanted posters are a start in the right direction…We should make their public lives unbearable. They shouldn’t be able to go out to eat or to a movie, grocery shopping, nothing without running into an entire barrage of abuse and shame. Whey should fear for their very beings like Nixon looking out at the Bus Barricades around the White House in fear of the people coming for him. That is the only thing that will motivate change…their fear instead of ours.