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Gulf Coast Activist Crashes Shell Meeting to Decry Eco-Destruction



Good on you, Monique! The stupidity of these arrogant corporations is devastating the environment for all of us, at a rate that is unprecedented. The person(s) doing the "thinking" and leaving ruin as they please will have a special place in HELL! The irony of it is that after the land, water, air is irreparably damaged, their wealth will mean nothing as all will be gone. This will affect them also as the KARMA always prevails. Godspeed to you, the world-wide effort to remedy this cannot accelerate fast enough.


Another spill of oil, another increment of ecological damage. Society will ultimately bear most of the liability for global damages caused by the fossil fuel industry. Yet, just a small sub-group of that society enjoy most of the revenue. For this small sub-group, the benefits are greater than the costs.