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Gulf Residents Risk Arrest to Tell Obama: More Drilling Equals More Floods


Gulf Residents Risk Arrest to Tell Obama: More Drilling Equals More Floods

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A group of Gulf residents risked arrest by occupying the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) office in New Orleans on Tuesday, demanding that President Barack Obama cancel an imminent lease sale for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.


Obama is a loving hypocrite that speaks about reining-in Global warming out of one side of his mouth, while at the same time opening more and more areas on land and sea to drilling and giving oil giant conglomerate more leases!
The Dem nominee HRC hired Ken Salazar, Obama's first Interior Secretary who was in large part responsible for the Gulf oil spill and is an oil & gas tool and fracking supporter as well as the TPP that will, if passed, exacerbate global warming, NOT diminish it! Salazar did not mandate acoustic switches on deep-water Gulf wells and the result was the worst spill in US history!
These DINO DLC tools seem to think voters and environmentalists are idiots that will swallow any deceit, lie, or obvious servitude to corporate greed like Mother's Milk - Obama will not end his service to big oil and neither will HRC!


On others' tombstones the elite decision makers will write:

"Mistakes were made. No one could have known."


Arresting people trying desperately to save their own livelihoods, homes and physical lives. Another day in America.....


Good luck getting the psychopaths and sociopaths in charge to listen.


Asking Obama to cease the environmental disasters he has always supported is a joke. Frankly, I see nothing other than civil disobedience that will work. The PTB only care about making $$$$. Environmental degradation is irrelevant as long as they get 'theirs'.


Exactly right, and thanks for reminding us. SCOTUS ruled that they are people, so that would indicate removal of the corporate veil, identification of each and every one of the perpetrators, indictment and trial.


Protesting is such a waste of time. If you really want to get Obama's attention, just write your request on the backs of several million dollar bills and hand it to him like the corporations do.


People ought to hear the Con our own Premier here in British Columbia pulled as it speaks to how these people in power operate.

First a Provincial election due in about 7 months.

Now she knows there some concern over Global warming and a past administration had introduced a Carbon tax. It was revenue neutral in that the taxes paid on the carbon were offset by lower income taxes, To play to the environmental crowd she indicated she would appoint a panel to make recommendations that would help the province lower GHG emissions. These were not just party insiders appointed. They were people with a sincere desire to see those emissions lowered.

So they come back and recommended that the carbon tax levied be slowly raised until it triple what it is today,

So what does she do? She now claims she is opposed as this would mean higher taxes for families and she can not in good conscience raise taxes. Now any party that supports the commissions recommended higher carbon tax is branded as supporting "higher taxes",

It was a setup from day 1. She will now campaign on "lower taxes". She is not going to in fact lower taxes. She just will not implement her own commissions recommendations on the carbon tax.


You may have several million dollars bills to write on but most of us don't.
So us poor folks will keep on protesting.


I was being sarcastic.


So was I. Except for the keep on protesting part. Come join us sometime.


But at least your provincial politicians agree on the existence of global warming, and the need for a carbon tax - so BC is way, way ahead of where I live.


Politicians lie. Except when they're in legal jeopardy.
Maybe the time has come to swear in every politician before they can make a speech.
Or for that matter, before they can open their bloody mouths.


I think you're right -- charge them with murder and break them into teeny-tiny little pieces so that no one company has the power to do what these flokking monopolies have done and will continue to do as long as we have 'uncle tom' in the WH!


You are so right, that will definitely work since he is just one more elected wh0re! :innocent::smiling_imp:


Yes, but unfortunately, it will take a few tens of thousands of years for the flooding to lessen (i.e. for CO2 to go back down to 350 ppm), so mostly we are just trying to keep the flooding (and other severe weather events) from getting worse.


Is there any method by which Obama has been reminded that he had a Mother. He had Grand Parents who nurtured him. He has daughters. Does he care so little about human outcomes that he can sit by and allow more leases to be issued, more deadly outcomes from oil spills and fracking waste? What is causing Obama to push so hard for the JOB KILLING TPP, and then to assist in allowing more planet disturbance via Big Oil and Gas production. The spills alone are crippling communities. Has anyone tried to get Obama out to see first hand the disgusting results we get from fracking, from spills that happen, from pollution that is the results of these industries? Why is he so asleep at the wheel? These NeoCons and NeoLiberals need to be taken to see the actual damage done. Clearly they are all blinded by money and the idea of having much power.


When it comes to the lesser evil I wouldn't know who to vote for out of Hillary, Barack the Betrayer or Trump.


Well, you know, we believe in freedom above all else. The freedom to spew oil and CO2 seems to be one of the top freedoms available right now.