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Gun Stocks Surge as Trump Pushes to Ease Export Regulations for Assault Weapons


Gun Stocks Surge as Trump Pushes to Ease Export Regulations for Assault Weapons

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration will reportedly ease export rules to allow American gun makers to sell more weapons to foreign buyers, despite concerns about fueling global conflict and threatening national security.


Nobody is as good as exporting death as well as we do. It’s our number one product.


In addition to all of the additional weapons and ammo they will be able to export, the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) gets additional money selling more arms to the military since many of these exported arms will be used against the US military and other militaries, thereby rationalizing the need for militaries to have more arms to “defend” themselves.


True. The best metaphor that I have heard about the US arms trade is: the American arms trade is like Dracula…it cannot survive economically, without the blood of innocent people…


If we don’t use them on you we will sell them to you so you can use them on each other and possible us too. Money before life.


America’s job program.


Such as? Mafias? Dictators? Black Markets?


And the Neti in Israel is jumping for joy along with any other number of petty prictators on the African continent, the Far, Near and Middle East, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc. Arms dealers certainly are not selective about who their customers are. And the US manufacturers know this all too well.


Gotta tell y’all, I’m mightily confused. Diane Feinstein? Please don’t tell me that it is because of her progressive, humanitarian, and peace-promoting sensibilities. That won’t scour here. Is not her husband part and parcel of the MIC? So, I ask honestly: can someone make sense here of her signature on that letter?


I must believe those who have the ear of the ginger destroyer include the for-profit education whore DeVoss and her brother Eric of Blackwater mercenary killer connection.

I was suddenly hit by the words of Steppenwolf as I felt the far-reaching effects the trump regime has, and will, brought to the entire earth in their depravity and greed…damn the consequences or lives destroyed - the irreplaceable and fragile places on earth - trump is pushing “deregulation” and we will all pay the price…this hideous creature must be taken down!

“God damn, the pusher
God damn, I say the pusher
I said God damn, God damn the pusher man” …


Steppenwolf’s other line

Fire all of your Guns at Once and
Explode into Space.


Sane Progressive discusses this:


Dictators? No we give them away for free to right wing dictators?


First thing I thought of was our weapons being made available to those who would use them against our troops. Reminds me of how the South Vietnamese sold our weapons to the North Vietnamese/Vietcong. We do make the best weapons of death after all.


Money, honey…


“Reuters report Tuesday, gun stocks surge, arms companies posting their best days in months.”
Those stocks wouldn’t be listed as WMD. Something more benign. “Security assets” or some joyous expression of freedom and America being #1.


Just what the planet needs in these times that promise huge shifts of populations driven by drought, famine, break downs of social structures and militarism. One last American gift to the future.


All of this disgrace from the Mango Mussolini and his corrupt, regressive regime and it has only been 8 months. This colossal piece of shit represents all of what the so-called Republican party has degenerated into in the last 45 years. I fear that even just 4 years of Trump will be a culmination of all the worst policies and actions that came from Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. I saw a piece on YouTube that talked about the 7 signs of a declining empire. The U.S. has shown all 7 of them in one way or another. If I had authored that piece I would have added one more - a photo of Trump the Pussy Grabber. This “short-fingered vulgarian” could very well be the end of our country as a republic. It was appropriate when Chris Hedges said in a recent speech that the bought and paid for political system and its shills in the M$M “vomited up” Trump last year.
I have been deeply ashamed of my country before, raging at the people who really hold the power and run it like a private business. However, this is a whole new level of disgust. Trump is a vile, reckless, ignorant and shameless danger to the whole world. I thoroughly despise him and the sycophants who surround him and pull his strings. I will never acknowledge him as the president but only as some kind of hideous perversion that we must remove or we will be lost.


Speaking of Steppenwolf I recommend to the people reading this that they go to YouTube and type in “Steppenwolf Monster”. This song about our country from 1969 is remarkably prescient and timely. One line I remember - “Now their vote is a meaningless joke. They babble about law and order but its all just an echo of what they’ve been told.” Great song.


Well why not? We already spread War around the world, so why not fan the flames?