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Gun Violence Is Only the Symptom of a Very Troubled Society


Gun Violence Is Only the Symptom of a Very Troubled Society

César Chelala

Every time a horrific incident of mass violence occurs, we should study it with the same care that we study any subject in which our own life is at a stake, because it is. Mass shootings in the United States have reached levels unacceptable in a civilized society.


But perfectly acceptable in our society, and the next one is right around the corner. And the one after. And the one after. And then it will be summer.


Considering that the country’s favorite spectacle suits up 22 warriors at a time to pound the crap out of themselves on the “holy” day of the week, are we to be surprised at much of this?


Is it a coincidence that the most democratic countries have the least gun violence?



No, not a coincidence at all. Rather, I would say, a direct correlation!


Who the hell ever considered America to be civilized???


Meh, bunch of pussies. A few other countries have a game just like that, but without all the Kevlar body padding. It’s called Rugby.


T.V.and movies glorify violence. very litttle good stand up comedy like in the old days


Well, the “old days” of TV and the movies before TV were pretty full of war, gangsters, cowboys and Indians, etc. Watch a Roy Rodgers episode sometimes. People being shot right and left.

What’s new perhaps are the actors that make these movies and TV shows piously denouncing guns as Bad Things in the off time between their highly profitable gun violence filled entertainment projects.


Mr. Chelala might have mentioned that the glorification of violence pays. The US is the leading exporter of both small arms and military hardware. Behind the NRA and our military are companies making a shitload of money.


I agree w you alot of violence in the old days too on T.V. and movies. You had variety shows like Smother brothers , Rowan and Martin, ed sullivan and comedy shows like all in the family , I love lucy. --we do not have anything like that now. Anyway, we are so many wars now compared to then too. Alot of T.v. is controlled by mass media.


In the USA, we get to choose the soap we’re going to wash our brains with. NRA soap is a big seller.
Personally, I can’t get past the stink of it.


Wow. That is a lot of bigotry and prejudice for one article. But like most bigots, you clearly havent spent much time around the people you hate and fear to learn any facts about them. Just one question for the other gun-owner hating bigots reading this: there are more guns in America than people, if Gun Owners were really as dangerous and evil as you want to think we are… why are you still alive?
If we can all agree that: 1. Self defense against any unlawful attack is a basic human right. 2. That as a basic human right, self defense is and should always be considered a Civil Right of the People and thus the exercise of that right must be immune from restriction, infringement, licensing or taxation by Government at any level. 3. That the Civil Rights of the People are not subject to the approval of the Majority Opinion and belong to every Individual regardless of their social status. 4. That any infringement, restriction, licensing requirements or taxation levied on the free exercise of a Civil Right is a violation of that right. 5. That any law, policy or rule that prohibits or discourages the free exercise of any Civil Right is an infringement on that right. 6. That if a law, policy or rule that prohibits or discourages a Citizen from legally acquiring the tools, weapons or means to freely exercise their Civil Rights, then their rights have been infringed. -Then it follows that those who advocate for the preservation of the right of the People to keep and bear arms are, in fact, Civil Rights advocates. It also follows that those who oppose the right of the People to keep and bear arms are against the People’s civil rights. We have a word for people who advocate for or try to use the force of law to infringe on the civil rights of others: we call them Bigots. 🤠


Said the bigot.


The USA has a “War” on just about everything except the sale (legal or otherwise) of guns that are manufactured for the profit of the US weapons industry. The “anything and everything that goes is alright” attitude (freedom does not equal license) held by so many people in the USA fails to understand the contribution the weapons industry makes to violence here and abroad. Ka-Ching!


I don’t think we all can agree on anything. Living with others peaceably requires compromise which entails giving up what you so dearly want and believe you deserve so the other also can have what they want within limits.


This author says so well what I believe that I will save this article, if only to remind myself that gun violence in the USA is caused by more factors than guns. Just to say something stupid like I hear from so many gun defenders: despite the many reasons given for gun violence by the defenders of all guns, oddly enough in every act of gun violence in the country there is a gun involved. Golly!


If I own something that doesn’t consume scarce resources to the point that you are deprived of them, why must I give it up?

Why would my owning an AR-15, for example, prevent the other from having what they want, within limits?
Oh, you must mean that what the other wants is for me to not have things that they don’t approve of.

Do you support banning abortions if someone else doesn’t approve?
Do you support banning Che Guevara flags or t-shirts if someone doesn’t approve?
How about Confederate flags?

Where would such silly behavior stop?


There’s a gun store in my region that has a shooting range and advertises that you can rent and shoot machine guns, including historical (WWII style) and belt-fed.

That’s obviously more about guns-for-fun than guns-for-self-defense, seeing as you aren’t really allowed to own a machine gun for self-defense. Also the people who use ranges for competition shooting–that’s certainly not about self-defense.

Somebody left five Rifleman (NRA magazine) copies at the Laundromat I use. I flipped through and saw several articles about gun history, especially in war; guns in the news, especially regarding 2nd Amendment; showcase gun models and accessories; comparing bullet calibers; and one article on best handgun choices for women.

With the arguable exception of the article about gun choices for women, NONE of the articles were about self-defense.

The magazines also feature advertisements for guns and accessories, including a commemorative John Wayne rifle (maybe in a few years they will have a commemorative Rambo rifle or commemorative Clint Eastwood .44 Mag–engraved with “Blow your head clean off”), and not-so gun-related offerings including a “President Trump Express” model train, a retreat for high school students at the Ronald Reagan Ranch, a lot more ads for cigars and chewing tobacco than any other non-tobacco related magazine, and a crucifix amulet engraved with “My Dear Son, may God always protect you and give you strength.” I’m not sure what people need with guns if they believe an omnipotent deity is protecting them.

Why would cigar and chewing tobacco companies sell to people interested in self-defense? Doesn’t everyone know that the most important thing you can do for self defense is keep yourself healthy by avoiding tobacco?

The person who left the gun magazines also left magazines about ATVs. Obviously, gun enthusiasm has nothing to do with self-defense–it’s all about presenting a yee-haw! or bad-ass image.

What about the books? I’ve read two books about self-defense. The focus is on guns for self-defense, but there is copious advice on more basic defense such as reading body language and setting up your home for optimal home defense. Both books (one actually written by someone from the NRA) advise AGAINST a stand-your-ground approach to guns and says if you want to protect your family, you do indeed have a duty to retreat. But that’s not what gun enthusiasts are concerned with. They want intruders to get the message “don’t f---- with me” even if it means they wind up dead in the living room instead of safe but with the jewelry missing.

Yeah, so it ain’t about self-defense.


You can own a machine gun under federal law. Period.
You don’t have to justify it to anyone.

Gun ownership is not ONLY about self defense.
Self defense, sport shooting, collecting, etc. are just some of the reasons people own guns.

Take a carry class sometime.
The bulk of the class will be all the reasons you DON’T want to ever use a gun if you can possibly avoid it.

Gun owners are far and away very responsible people, not wild eyed would-be vigilantes or crazies eager to kill other people. 300 million firearms in civilian hands with 11,000 murders pretty much that.
The 11,000 murders are 11,000 too many but adding even more stupid gun laws won’t eliminate that.
“But if only one life were saved…” if the cry of morons.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to be painted with that brush because a small number of crazies/criminals misuse firearms.

The classic gun nut frenzy over “assault rifles” is a perfect example.
Screams for bans and constitutional conventions, etc. over the type of gun least used in any type of crime year in and year out.

No one hates to see a school shooting or other terrible crime like that more than law abiding gun owners. We see it as a double tragedy.
The tragedy of the shooting itself and then the inevitable screams and crocodile tears from “progressives” to ban and confiscate guns from people who aren’t a problem.