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Gunning Down the Easter Bunny: On the Weaponization of Everyday Life


Gunning Down the Easter Bunny: On the Weaponization of Everyday Life

Frida Berrigan

Guns. In a country with more than 300 million of them, a country that’s recently been swept up in a round of protests over the endless killing sprees they permit, you’d think I might have had more experience with them.


A well-written article which greatly helps in understanding how America’s gun addiction is both cause and effect in the larger context of State-sanctioned violence. The two things are inextricably bound together, along with injustice and inequality of all kinds.


A midsized big box store recently advertised a gun safe that holds up to 80 guns. A friend informed me that it isn’t uncommon around here for an individual to own more guns than than the town police department.


Here in the UK we have plenty of problems, it’s not Utopia…but boy am I glad that out-of-control gun ownership isn’t one of them Civilisation is a wonderful idea, America should try it sometime


In this gun soaked society

The safety is always off


Second Amendment be damned! That’s just insane!


We’re “…locked and loaded…” according to insane Nikki! Which has to be the stupidest comment ever made at the UN. Will Americans ever grow up?


I can imagine her Googling “dirty harry quotes”

And the way things are going, there’s a goddamn good chance that a whole lotta folks won’t ever get a chance to grow up.


You guys seem to have an out of control knife problem. :grinning:

“Anyone buying a knife online will be banned from having it sent to a residential address, under a government crackdown following a surge in street stabbings”


"“Mom, mom, mom,” he responded quickly, “it’s a pretend play gun, not a real play gun. It’s okay.” "

Love this kid… that, ladies and gentlemen is how freedom survives from one generation to another. What he came up with is the equivalent of removing the bayonet lug, pistol grip and 30 rd mag from a scary black rifle and making it legal. Basically same rifle like before but without scary accessories.


But at least knives don’t lend themselves to multiple-death massacres Or ‘accidental discharge’ fatalities And are less convenient for suicides (unless you’re going for seppuku)