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Guns and Candles


Guns and Candles

Christopher Brauchli

It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness. —Motto of the Christopher Society

Those who regularly read this writer’s comments would not expect to see him provide advice to Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association on ways in which they can improve their respective public images. Nonetheless. . . .


Interesting idea, Christopher, but one that is simply not commensurate with the level of concern shown by the NRA and its politicians after each mass shooting. Silence or a single twitter entry of thoughts and prayers is all the concern some of them can dredge up. Cheaper and far less time-consuming, too. Besides, lighting candles is too snowflake for their image. Have to think of something more macho, more toxic. Maybe throwing grenades?


You want macho? How about this?? At the next NRA convention, while surrounded by "good guys with guns, " Wayne gets shot in the bahookie and he can’t sit down for a long while. MAYBE, by standing around AND thinking , he will figure out that guns do shoot and even kill people, AND that these guns always seem to have a human attached to the firing end. : )


This would require someone with simple intelligence.

These folks are about as “sharp” as a bowling ball.


LOL, well how about this-------send WAYNE on a free safari trip to Africa. I just read that lions are eating people who are illegally killing rhinos! Pieces of previous rhino stealers , including shoes and some body parts and guns were found recently. Apparently the lions can’t tell hunters from the rhino thieves! Eaten by a lion is much more macho than getting shot in the bahookie. : )


I’ll contribute $5 towards Waynes Safari trip.


All good comments to a piece that does not illuminate