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Guns and Profit – Why We’ll Do Absolutely Nothing New After This Las Vegas Shooting


Guns and Profit – Why We’ll Do Absolutely Nothing New After This Las Vegas Shooting

It is almost impossible to inflict this kind of death toll in such a short time without these types of firearms.
Steven Singer

Anything for a buck: for-profit healthcare, privatized education, and gun sales over all.


Excellent article, all very true. At the heart of most of America’s woes today lies capitalism - and while this is a world-wide religion, it is worshipped most profoundly here in the U.S. Neoliberalism is the root of most of our problems. Putting the almighty dollar above everything - literally EVERYTHING - else in this country is causing more death and destruction and suffering than can be measured. From guns to gutting environmental regulations to for-profit “healthcare” to gutting the social safety net to our military and endless wars, etc, etc, etc, it is all about putting profit before people. Until that core problem is addressed, all of the rest is just window dressing.


"the man behind the curtain’ should NOT be underestimated and the name is well known but NEVER MENTIONED: market research AND its offspring advertising.

We are now a society with at least 3 generations saturated with marketing premises that are researched and designed to to “TARGET” YOU alone, as an individual, to make you LOYAL to things, styles, and methods of separating your value from your contributions as a human being among other human beings.

Visit sites of marketing and advertising firms and pay close attention to the language.


There are a lot of capitalist countries that don’t have the same problem; it has to be more than that. How do other capitalist countries keep their government from being purchased by corporations? In addition to capitalism the US is socially dysfunctional. Guns and disturbed people don’t mix well. If you can’t ferret out the mentally disturbed, and clearly we can’t, that just leaves guns and some sort of social engineering to change the fabric of American society. The status quo just isn’t working as Americans get more and more guns and become sicker and sicker.


Bravo, Steven Singer! As always, your words show you to be a man with a genuine, honest heart and soul. Thank you for always so eloquently expressing what I feel and think. Your harsh portrayal of our society, its political reality, and its economic structure is , in my opinion, very accurate. We are a sick country in desperate need of intervention and therapy. Our society is on a suicidal course unless,
and until the necessity of radical change is recognized and embraced.


Excellent comment, from a little-discussed perspective! We often overlook, or underestimate just how many of our thoughts and behaviors have been inculcated into our psyche since birth. Marketing, advertising, and manipulation are so pervasive in our system as to appear normal. It’s hard to do, but finding the path to truth requires a re-examination of practically all that we think we know!


To the degree that capitalism is unregulated, it becomes more rapacious, and that increases the sickness of society.

To the degree that socialism predominates, a healthy society prevails.


Dare I say it? Gun control is not possible without progressives in a majority of government positions – marketing, advertising, and manipulation notwithstanding. We could start low-key: ration ammunition. Background checks and 2-week waiting periods to prevent anger-buys. Then ban ownership and carry of all assault weapons. In all cases, have severe penalties for violators. Release at least all pot-violators from prison to make room for real criminals.

And for God’s Sake, no silencers.


The NRA buys off Congress to ensure more mass murder to sell more guns just like the military’s weapons makers have the CIA ensure all sides in the world will always be armed to teeth to make for more war profiteering. For instance, after the invasion, the U.S.knowingly left warehouses full of armaments in Iraq unguarded to be taken freely by anyone - keeping the game going.
It is an ongoing capitalistic orgy of death and devastation. Utter insanity.


When you start low-key, you stay low-key. If we don’t start from the premises of the abolition of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, no advertising, and strict regulation and licensing of all aspects of guns (which have the sole purpose of killing), then we are lost. Dems and progressives have been taking baby steps for many decades and they have delivered absolutely nothing, while sapping resources that could be used in a sane gun-control movement.


Never FORGET…poverty is the Mother of Crime!


Happiness is the sale of a warm gun


America is the land of violence The government rains down death and destruction with all the modern weaponry taxes can buy. So why should it be any different here in American soil? The problems here at home are a reflection of the culture of violence the nation is steeped in, from TV, the movies, to all the wars that are fought without end we are awash in bloody violence. Controlling gun might help as would universal mental healthcare and addressing poverty but we are still left with the legacy of violence. Starting with the first colonists bring slaves and building the economy on their backs to the slaughter of countless Native Americans and all the damn wars violence permeates this land. There are no simple answers but unless the violence being celebrated is stopped there will always be violence here and abroad.


Until that problem is addressed??? We are ALL the problem- until we all organize visibly and stop cowering nothing will change. Also, we all are addicted to profits- do not kid yourself.


Until we address rapid population ( correction - overpopulation nothing will change. Google population connection. Also, instead of bloviating- consider at least the people who were killed and maimed in this latest senseless act of violence.


The person who committed this heinous act was apparently a multimillionaire. What does that have to do with poverty? Nothing. Also, please at least mention the deceased, injured and their families.


Why is the NRA so powerful? That remains the questions.


“Guns And Profit!” Sounds like a great title for a song - by the Clash perhaps?

Yes, I know Joe S. is gone.


Hey, meal! Why’d you jump hippy about bloviating? Isn’t that what every poster did here…and Singer?


Imo, one big reason is that congressmen are for sale. Why do wethepeople allow such long election periods, allow private financing of campaigns, allow the outrageous criminal expenditures in campaigns, allow such long periods in office, etc?
The NRA brainwashes the public, too, and foments/peddles fears of all kinds. By God, red-blooded 'murikins gotta protect theirselves so the 2nd 'mendment tells me so…

Why’d you pose that question like that, anyway? I know you know why the NRA is so powerful…