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Guns For Everyone! Idaho School Arms Teachers and What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Guns For Everyone! Idaho School Arms Teachers and What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Because America's roughly 300 million guns and seven shootings an hour are apparently not enough, a rural school in Idaho has bought four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition so faculty can serve as a "line of first defense" against possible bad guys, thus joining a questionable but growing trend of pretty much everyone packing heat. Despite evidence that arming ill-equipped "good guys" is a lousy idea, school officials say they are "showing due diligence," so not to worry.


Shhhh! They are helping natural selection thin out the very most needed-to-be-thinned-gene pool on the planet.

GOP voters.

Encourage them! Praise them!


Recall the Idaho mom in the check out line at Walfart last year whose young son reached into her purse and accidentally snuffed her with her own handgun.

Perhaps the Idaho state song will be the Beatles’ HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN and will be played as background music in schools and state buildings.


It isn’t so much that this scheme is fraught with such unbelievable consequences, but rather a perfect illustration of the frightful decadence of government. Just how many insane politicians must society endure when their solution to gun violence is more guns?

Isn’t the incarceration of millions of poor people not enough to certify that the present structure of the social order is well beyond inhumane? Why is government, everywhere, producing more and more psychopaths? Sometimes you just gotta hope that the Natural world as we know it will soon bring an end to the species. After all, our species has distinguished itself as a global cancer.


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100% agreed. All the smart people have to do is move away from most Amerikans for about 10 years or so. Like TX wanting federal money now…we have to let them have the country they voted for, which means the drowning dumbasses can also be thinned out. Let the Tea Party and GOP get what they want, and all we have to do is hold on…their policies will kill their own base.


Firearms -or any effective weapons- in the hands of proles is a bad idea. The English kings thought so as do today’s Parliament, Geo. Washington thought so, cops think so, crooks think so, Hitler and Stalin thought so, et practically endless cetera among the ruling classes. Only the police and military should ever be armed, because they’re here to protect us. And when they come in and shoot our children or puppy dead because they got the wrong house, well that’s the price we pay for freedom. USA! USA! USA!


So by the time they get the guns out of the safe, how many will be dead from the alleged crazed gunman?


Too much John Wayne;
Too little sane brain.


I had a look at that AFL-CIO “Month of Guns” website.

Made me think. One hundred or so years ago idealistic and educated young Americans used to work side by side with labourers, then meet with them after work to teach literacy, set up union locals and discuss civics etc. Union membership skyrocketed, and a middleclass emerged. America prospered, and so did Canada.

In troubled 2015 it is even more necessary to teach unaware and poorly informed Americans civics and history. Chris Hedges is doing his bit by teaching mainly black and appreciative inmates in a prison near him. But the AFL-CIO decides to hold a month-long raffle with 31 guns as prizes… Only in the US of A. How times have changed!

Those guns better be union-made.


For the record, most thugs aren’t psychotic because even their fellow thugs don’t like to be around behaviorally-unpredictable people. But leaving that aside, and your long-term solution (which I agree is the only possible good one), the only realistic solution for a sudden attack, absent a prepared site within which the perp could be immediately isolated and disarmed, would be to shoot the attacker. With a tazer by preference, or a tranq gun, or, if need be, a bullet.

Were I to pick the bullet, I might prefer a .45 or .50 caliber (8 gauge?) subsonic squash-head round, lots of mass and impact-shock, not much penetration and no ricochet. I’ve read that they’re a bit like being hit with a baseball bat: the hitee typically loses interest in further physical action for awhile.


Which are banned under Hague 1899 et seq. But citizens have no similar protection against their rulers.