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Gustavo Castro Goes Home as People Power Trumps Honduran Government



There will be no peace or justice for Central and South America, and the rest of the world, until the US dismantles its empire and spy network and stops bullying, coercing, bombing, invading and toppling democratically elected governments of other countries. The horror that we have inflicted on hundreds of millions of people throughout our history is appalling and needs to be addressed and out in the open for all to see.


Clinton was effusing rose petals about the coup when it happened.
We should wait for someone in the crowd to ask her about her support for the illegitimate government that now exists. Someone in the fourth estate needs to investigate which businesses in the US have benefited from the Hernandez government that now runs the country, and how they are tied to Clinton.


The US government causes people in the ME to become terrorists because of its foreign policy. The US organizes coups in Latin America so those nations have puppet governments. The United States would rather have dictators close to the US than democratic governments that are not US puppets. So far, no Latin Americans have entered the USA to terrorize people.