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Gustavo Castro Witnessed the Murder of Berta Cáceres. That Means His Life Is in Danger


Gustavo Castro Witnessed the Murder of Berta Cáceres. That Means His Life Is in Danger.

Beverly Bell

The sole eyewitness to Honduran social movement leader Berta Cáceres’ assassination on March 3, 2016 has gone from being wounded victim to, effectively, political prisoner.

Now Gustavo Castro Soto may also be framed as the murderer of his long-time friend.


I once read a book entitled “Carnival in Roman” about the small French town of Roman, where, in the 16th century (1580) the poor planned an uprising against repressive oligarchs during the Carnival festival. The oligarchs got wind of the plan and struck first. On the night of Carnival, using their costumes as disguise, they murdered the ringleaders and severely beat the followers. Reminds me of the present situation.


Thank you, Ms. Bell for the thorough account. Activists are facing the same murderous thugs in South America and all work for transnational organizations intent upon raping, pillaging, and plundering the land.

The fact that State Powers protect the thugs is the great injustice of our times.

Of course, these elites are working behind the scenes (and closed doors) to force trade deals through that will effectively anesthetize all sorts of environmental activism. Under the guise of Democracy, the elites are creating extra-judicial networks that will effectively set up the 1%'s version of binding international laws.

These do not preserve life; and the flawed souls pushing this agenda are so divorced from the natural world (Mother Nature) as to not recognize that they are also signing their own death certificates. (And everyone else’s, as well.)

Thank you for your work, and of course, thanks for the courage and work of both Berta Caceres and Gustavo Castro. He and Julian Assange have much in common.


When the US Fourth Reich overthrows a democratic government and puts in a murderous thug to do their bidding, they will keep him/her in power no matter what he/she does, as long as he/she does what he/she is told. On the rare occasion when a thug has tried to do something independently, the thug is usually replaced, posthumously, with a more obedient thug.