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Gutierrez: Pelosi 8-Hour Speech 'Nice Gesture,' But Meaningless If Dems Cave on DACA

Gutierrez: Pelosi 8-Hour Speech 'Nice Gesture,' But Meaningless If Dems Cave on DACA

Jake Johnson, staff writer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) eight-hour marathon speech in defense of Dreamers on the House floor Wednesday garnered much applause and favorable media coverage, but Rep.

Filibustering the House to what end? Show? Interesting times, indeed.


I love virtue signalling.

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Democrats=the party of pre-emptive capitulation.


Still, I like the fact that Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) has the fire and guts to speak out. Finally a D. who isn’t somnambulent.


Dem establishment wing good-cop - bad-cop routine seen so often. One gives “cover” for another while the DP establishment continues their craven complicity with the trump regime - cowardice, and “compromise” their "strategy’ that equates to speaking softly and carrying no stick!

I would be amazed if the pressure on pelosi to not “cause a shutdown” of government was not successful and she is forced to comply - she is painted into a corner of the DP establishment’s making (and evil R’Con Machiavellian schemes!

schumer is the lap-dog supreme whose MO is, and has been, the “compromise” of capitulation, cowardice, collusion, complicity!

To create a genuine opposition party the quisling co-conspirators must be challenged and run out on a rail! Problem is so many sellouts in power who make the rules that maintain their power and self-interest, sabotage progressives and our issues and collude with R’Cons - the other problem is so many weak apologist blind fools that support the faux DP heirarchy clinton/obama/DNC-DLC wing regardless their perfidy!!


We don’t need some posturing pelosi white-hat swan song staged ___(fill in the blank) - sorry it simply no longer washes. One consequence of Citizens United is the dropping of scales from eyes in ways not measured by the criteria of statistics, polling, voting and compartmentalization.

You see, CU was the last breath of a system dependent on constant ‘othering’ in the perversions of genocide, thievery, lies, obfuscation, scorn, manipulation of “reality” in order to take what it is unable to generate with any notion of balance - to the point of there no longer being any there there.

Is a constellation that is reduced entirely to one perspective capable of even imagining the diversity on which life is dependent? No. It is constant turning of blind eyes, deaf ears, insensate revulsion to touch - much less being touched. It is institutionalized insecurity that is guaranteed to generate little more than more insecurity as it narrows itself down to something “so small it can be flushed down the drain”. Those who have so vociferously called for such might want to consider exactly what it is that they are wishing for… because make no mistake, it is pulling into the station and coming to a stop.


Both Shumer and Pelosi are creatures of the corporate world. You’re not going to get much in the way of progressive action or have them take a principled stand that might be bad for business.

You know Shumer was listening to his Wall Street friends when he caved last time.

I gave Pelosi a small cheer for her long speech, but it means nothing if in the end Dems cave again.


Agree, but of coarse he’s leaving. Amazing how they only have a voice when they are about to leave congress.

That’s the entire point: Spend a shitload on the military, run up deficits (this time with a huge tax cut to boot), whine that we just don’t have the money to protect the most vulnerable. Rinse, repeat.

If you’re still voting democrat, you’re part of the problem.


Very good point. Is this more ammunition to cut the social safety net?

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Gosh, what a tough decision: to vote for yet another enormous, devastating increase in war spending, or against it.


Well said!


Whether the House Republicans are willing to vote for more domestic spending remains to be seen. Many were sent to Washington to dismantle domestic programs. If they vote for the bill they could face a strong challenge from the right in the primaries which for most of them is the biggest concern for holding their jobs. Democrats should follow Pelosi and vote against this compromise. They need to protect the Dreamers. This attempt to deport them could be see seen as the first step in widespread ethnic cleansing in the present context where the Republican Party is now supporting white supremacy and authoritarian government based on their continued support of Trump and disregard for the ideals that this country is based on.


Would anyone? Pelosi set the record for length if a speech in the House. The old record was set in 1909 and she broke it by almost three hours. She deserves all the all the kudos she is getting.

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So Dems think it’s inhumane to deport these people to other countries. . .

but another $50B (or however much it was) to kill people in other countries, sure!

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But, but, the poor Democrats don’t have a choice!!! I mean, it’s just the way things work in D.C., don’t you know!!!

How many decades have we seen this now? Those of us old enough to have witnessed the sorry turn the DNC took with the takeover by DLC Corporate State Democrats. Just like, oh my God, Bill Clinton didn’t have a choice to eviscerate welfare, to ratify NAFTA, to hand media corporations the opportunity to consolidate ownership of all MSM including newspapers, radio stations, cable, etc, to “modernize” commodities futures trading so speculation could run amok, to “modernize” financial services so “exotic financial instruments” could set up probably the largest banking and financial services scam in history.

And the corporate servitude has proceeded by Corporate State Democrats now for decades.

Want to codify mass surveillance? Well, look to CSD to complete the task!!!

Want to help drive the getaway care for a Republican Administration that had demonstrably committed the most heinous war crimes and launched a slaughter of epic proportions? Well look no further than Corporate State Democrats to get the job done.

Need more appropriations for Wars A through Z? No problem say Corporate State Democrats.

So spare me, those telling me that this is just the way things work, and right now it’s because Republicans have tied the hands of these Corporate State Democrats like clucking Chuck Shumer.

And I love the presumed passion of Pelosi, who of course won’t pressure her flock. Give me a clucking break already, I’m not that clucking stoooooooooooopid.

Again, did Pelosi text Schumer? Well, that’s okay, they will get a chance to chat about all of it at an expensive DC hangout for the rich and powerful.

I mean, hey, they have to spend all of that extra cash flowing into their bank accounts from the mean old Republican tax cuts, right?

Did I just tar ALL Democrats? No I did not. I’ve made this distinction ad nauseum.


Masterpiece Theater! Pelosi is one of the Dems who voted ‘yea’ on the Patriot Act, the piece of legislation that sealed the fate of American democracy. I don’t remember her giving an 8-hour speech in October 2001 to defend the US Constitution…


Gee, just like RePoopLickens.  What a BIG surprise . . .

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Try to keep up, Ken: The DACA negotiation isn’t about more immigrants.

It’s about people who were brought here as children and have been living here ever since.