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Gutting the EPA Hurts Real People


Gutting the EPA Hurts Real People

Rachel Cleetus

News reports indicate that the Trump administration has big plans underway to undermine the work of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the lead agency working to protect our health and the environment from pollution.


I live near London, UK. Today for the 1st time the weather report showed the London area marked red for air pollution at 10 (the maximum possible). Warnings are now issued to make schools keep children indoors, as the outside air is too toxic.
The motor vehicles clogging the roads emit NO2 particulates, the still air means these hang around, and the pollution is ever-worsening.
Decades ago, California's cities also had this problem. The US took action and air quality was improved.
Now Trump wants to increase car production and gas and oil fracking, regardless of environmental issues. And he wants production etc to be done as it was decades ago!
Which means forget the EPA, never mind about asbestos and mercury and lead and other toxins, and ignore the possibility that if unchecked the nuclear power industry could repeat the Three Mile Island nightmare.
The Don is disgusting on many levels, but this aspect of his activities is truly dangerous and very scary!