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Gyrocopter Pilot Faces Nearly Decade in Prison for Flight Against Money in Politics


Gyrocopter Pilot Faces Nearly Decade in Prison for Flight Against Money in Politics

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Doug Hughes, the 61-year-old Florida postal worker who flew his gyrocopter onto the lawn of the U.S. Capitol building last month to protest money in politics, on Thursday pleaded "not guilty" to six federal charges, two of them felonies.

Hughes, who is a grandfather, faces up to nine-and-a-half years in prison for what he calls his "freedom flight." Since his initial arrest, his movements have been restricted and he wears an electronic monitoring bracelet.


Billions of dollars for defense, security, and to insure that the institutions of the US Congress (in that pretty domed Capitol Building), the defense institutions (Pentagon), judiciary (Supreme Court), the executive (the White House), and other components of a government are not attacked by people in home built gyro-copters. What a farce. If the amount being pissed away or stolen was not the nation’s unimaginable wealth (mostly borrowed at this point or privately owned by corporations) we could laugh off and be amused by this comedy of an absurd waste of the US’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s not, it’s an abysmal tragedy marking the death throes of a corrupt and decaying empire. It makes one want to cry.

Expect no mercy from the beast that rules this fading empire Mr. Hughes, the beast that knows only greed, arrogance, and decadent self-gratification.


Something that the US Justice Department is good at, over charging. Seeing that he announced his peaceful intentions well in advance, justice would be served if the judge would convict him of trespassing and hit the Justice Department along with the Capital Police with incompetence!