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Ha Ha: Rotten to the Core

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/03/ha-ha-rotten-core


rotten to the core sums up the american criminal (in)‘justice’ system, and the way america is policed, perfectly.


Lets get this straight. Police departments are NOT PRIVATE COMPANIES. They are departments of city state and federal service. There should not be any “police union” with any say over behaviors that conflict with the law. That is incoherent on its face. If a man or woman trains for and joins a police force they are working for a municipal, city, state or federal government. They SHOULD have the right to collectively demand higher wages if that is a concern. Beyond that, they are public service members of the community and the coherence of their comportment for the good of the community and the rule of law is the ONLY baseline for the dignity and respect shared therein just like any other human being.

In my opinion, if there is abuse, whether criminal behavior as such or not, those involved should be REMOVED from the force and there need to transparent be hearings, and if necessitated, trial by jury. For a “police union” to become so spurious an entity as seen in NYC as to attempt to override the courts and very basic common sense, following such a disturbing record of such a degree of blatantly institutionalized incoherence for the sake of power, is also a painfully precise measurement of perversion. NYC being a ‘leading city’ in the US thus encourages derangement across the board.

The calls to recognize the history of policing as rooted in the slave master modality is now stark, and crystal clear.

NYC and municipalities across the country must publish the true history and records of abuses in order to educate and deconstruct such legacies. Military equipment and kill premises must be permanently eliminated.

Thank you to all who work to uphold community on the basis of human dignity and coherence, not power and money. Municipalities, cities, states and federal entities screwing around with power… you’re being given a heads up. Keep in mind that it has been noted: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.


where have the Democrats been on addressing this issue–one that has inflicted our population for over 2 centuries–oh yah–they are still missing in action after spending the last 40 years proving how Republican they are by doubling down on the arming of police, pushing very destructive crime bills(using the same racist tropes the Republicans use), and deploying the police as an occupying army in every minority community on our country–if these are the “good” guys --we are in a world of hurt with NO relief in site


From sea to shining sea. Defund.

Community control over the cops after we take away their guns.

In case you missed this:



As I said in my previous comment
Make no Mistake
PART of the problem is, This IS their training

The OTHER PART, Screw firing THESE GANG MEMBERS, Prosecute them for their Crimes
This is Gang Banging, Premeditated Murder, and they go looking for it

Tell me, how does one kill a gentle soul like that unless you do it for fun
They like this murder sadism and they go looking for victims to attack


It is way past time to bust the cops unions. Get rid of the unions now!


A major problem with the police is their now endemic use of the term “civilians” to describe anyone who isn’t police. It didn’t used to be that way but the term has crept into common use.

Words matter and the use of “civilians” projects an image of the police being something other than ordinary municipal employees. They’re not and police shouldn’t be allowed to distinguish themselves from any other citizens.


Did people see the video of the police attacking the peaceful protest of violin players----I think there scared to show it



Reagan fired all of the air traffic controllers, and destroyed their Union,
for no harm at all on their part.

This type of police attitude is not sustainable. Although the words “defund the police” may not be popular now, they provide a strong initial position from which to make real reform and attitude changes possible.
The officers fired are not monsters. They are guilty of a stupid foolish moment that did no physical harm to anyone for which they should deeply regret for the rest of their lives. They deserve to be fired and permanently banned from police work. They should also be investigated for ties to certain organizations.
Are people redeemable? Some are, some aren’t.

Reagan was such a powerful politician and influential thinker that he even got the Democrats to adopt his policies.


If there is such a video published where can I find it? If.

Hi theo!dgoat:

YES, YES, YES to everything you wrote! : )


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This is our time’s experience of armed police violence to keep the people down. Ranger groups, private militias, slave patrols and slave catchers, groups formed specifically to kill and remove Indigenous peoples, private armies(the Pinkertons was one)to put down striking workers. The city police in Toledo and the National Guard put down one of the bloodiest strikes in US history-the Autolite strike in 1933. Blood literally flowed in the streets.
This is our turn to make a difference. Not try. Do. When someone makes a racist comment, call them out. If someone praises such actions by any armed force, whether national or local, call them out. Resist! But as a group.
And…just to show how FUBAR the justice system is, a very prominent GOP donor in northwest Ohio, who was sent to prison for embezzling funds from the Worker’s Compensation fund, has been released(Covid, you know) and has been given lucrative job offers to pay off his $12 million dollar debt. One of them—handling antique coins.
Sorry is I made you do a spit take on your keyboard.


Excellent point, thanks, cops are civilians.

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