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Hackers Stole Nearly Quarter Million Dollars Our Revolution Raised for Standing Rock Protests

Hackers Stole Nearly Quarter Million Dollars Our Revolution Raised for Standing Rock Protests

Jon Queally, staff writer

Our Revolution, the progressive advocacy organization the grew out of Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign, has publicly acknowledged that a sophisticated hacking and theft operation last year stole nearly a quarter of million dollars from the group—funds it has been unable to recover.

According to Politico, which obtained tax filings that revealed the incident:

The problems caused by the internet seem endless. I never heard of this type of scam before but if it results in billions of losses annually as the article says that is a big deal.

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It was an inside job, bank on it. The DOJ is corrupt so don’t believe any of the evidence. Plus, I know some guys who worked for the CIA 20-some-odd years ago trying to get clicks and a podcast off the ground who will tell you the real “truth.”

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I was thinking the same thing. The corrupt leaders of this country will do anything they can to get what they want.

I’ll bet if it was the Republican Party who was robbed the fbi would find the thieves.

Our Revolution is a relatively new (and probably naive) organization with neither the funding nor the know-how to keep this kind of scam from happening. Now they know.

That said, it seems silly that they did not take precautions and probably should have known better. What’s worse than losing your own money is losing someone else’s money (contributions for a cause). It was an honest mistake (rare these days), they’ll recover.

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/s, of course… Your post is a good example of Poe’s law… it even had me fooled for a minute…

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The money all got converted to roubles and has been already spent on the finest Vodka for the hacker and his friends. A large part of the Russian GDP is cyber crime income into keyboard hovels in Moscow and Petrograd…

Don’t the bankers have any responsibility here for releasing money from the account without first checking to see if the request was indeed legitimate? Don’t organizations like this that have a huge web and credit card processing presence have some sort of insurance for cyber fraud?

Oh silly me, that’s right, the bankers and casinos never lose.
And insurance does not cover Acts of God.

This reminds me of our town when years ago $5,000 in cash was stolen from the town hall safe. (The safe was indeed bashed open so they made it at least look like a real burglary.) Anyway, the town had a government fine for $5,000 that they owed and did not want to pay. So they told the Dept of Environmental Protection, that they were so sorry, but the State’s cash was stolen from the safe so that unfortunately, the State was out of luck.
At least the State officials did not let the Town get away with it and the Town’s insurance company eventually footed the bill and the Town (and taxpayers) were stuck with higher insurance premiums from then on.


Well, in all fairness the founding premise of their organization is that the sheepdog Bernie is some kind of revolutionary, so it should not surprise anyone that they would be moronically naive.
At least they appear to be sincere in their efforts, however misguided they may otherwise be.

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I think the “impersonating the boss” type of scam is actually quite common. We had an attack here at Penn State just this week where someone simply created an email address under a Dean’s name and then tried to get faculty and staff to do stupid stuff.


I remember 40 years ago, a company declared itself so secure that it was “hack proof” and issued a challenge to see if anyone could break in to their computer system. Someone just sent out a memo to the computer department that on such and such a date, the root password would be changed to Xxxxxx. Sure enough, when the date came around, someone changed the password as directed.
The human element is usually the weakest link in the chain.

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Knowing hackers are out there, is it a good idea to place almost $243, 000 all in one account?

They’re so misguided they made the donations to the Standing Rock folks, anyway. So lame, really.
Now, the money for the voting recounts in 2016 of 3 Midwestern States ( who?/when? ) raised by the ( what ?/who? ) party has never been accounted for ( where? ). Maybe Putin got it?
They ( who, what where, how, when ) aren’t misguided, they’re just really meticulous, exacting, perhaps. Ssssshhhhheessh! Accountability is so like, necessary, in this, like, environment right?
Gosh; to quote Dan Hicks, " Where’s the money? "

So now you carry on the “good work” by stealing from Ryan Vizzions, who owns the copyright on that iconic photo because he took it.
He’s still trying to help the movement, unlike the vets organisations…