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Hail to Our Flounder in Chief


Hail to Our Flounder in Chief

Michael Winship

Fish stinks from the head, as the ancient Greeks first said, and right now there’s a 250-pound flounder stinking up the White House and all those around the place.

Mark Shields said it well on the PBS NewsHour Friday night:


Hail to our Flounder in Chief

That should be “HEIL!”, shouldn’t it??   Actually, “To HELL with our Flounder in Chief!” would be more appropriate, since to Hell is where he’s “leading” us.   (Assuming one believes in Hell, that is.)

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43529”]
Every time you pledge fealty to this man, an angel loses its wings.” [/quote]

HHhhhmmmmm — apparently at least one member of the CD staff is among the 75% of Americans who, as The Week magazine reported recently, “believe in angels” (and, one presumes, also believe in Hell).   Sad!!


Fester, I’m sure Satan has a special place reserved in Hell for the Baboon faced troll that some call president.


Where is Danté now that we really need him?   Oh what fun he would have!!


Given our history of attacks on democracies of which we haven’t approved and the extent to which political campaign financing subverts democracy here at home I have a hard time getting past the irony involved in decrying Russia’s “devastating attack” on our democracy


There will come a time when Mr. Trump will become more of a liability than an asset to the oligarchy. Imagine a few months from now when you wake up to learn that Mike Pence has become the Acting President under the provisions of the 25th Amendment. Given his truly bizarre behavior at an NRA convention on the previous day, no one will call it Fake News when the word goes out that President Trump has had a serious health crisis and had been hospitalized at Walter Reed.

Imagine the relief that a weary nation will feel when a calm and capable Pence solemnly addresses the nation. World markets will quickly recover and America’s allies will rejoice. Fox News will accept the official story and the 35% of the population who regard Trump as a living God will simply weep and wait for bulletins from the crack medical team assembled to treat the ailing leader for some condition or other.

The downside: all of the gangsters selected by Pence and his allies will continue to supervise the dismantling of the planet.