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Hailed as 'Heroes' During Pandemic, Retail Workers Stripped of Hazard Pay While Companies Rake in Massive Profits

Damn, Damn, Damn, Don’t you just love Capitalism, We sure don’t want no stinking Socialism here in Merica - MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, all over the fuking place. Sick Sociapathic Capitalist Bstards! Hang 'em all.

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Corporations engaging in stock buybacks are in essence telling their investors, “You’ll probably find a better use for this money than we will.”

(Obama wasn’t a U.S. Senator in 2003.)

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Whoa, thank you EB for checking my statement! I have to stand corrected. A quick on-line search for where or how I might’ve got it in my noggin’ that 2003 was part of Obama’s brief time in U.S. Senate before becoming a serious candidate for Prez turned up this research from Lori Robertson

Your calling me out and this fuller review of how this “legend” took hold, perhaps even in my faulty noggin’ and my incorrect recall, since I followed Obama’s career in the U.S. Senate, although not his term in the Illinois State Senate. Thank you for prompting me to focus and attempt to recall how I formed the impression that Obama spoke out as a lone voice in the Senate against the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, contrasted with then Jr Senator from NYC Hillary Clinton’s support for it.

From Lori Robertson’s research back to the 2016 Presidential campaign and the context referenced of the 2002 U.S. House Resolution on Use of Force in Iraq, it is clear I also seriously under-counted the opposition to that invasion and occupation of the wrong country in 2003. There were 23 U.S. Senate votes against the U.S. House of Reps Resolution 114 the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.

As it was Saudi citizens who were involved in 9-11-01, not the Saudi Royal Family’s most bitter enemy in neighboring Iraq, and especially the rare secular Arab World nationalist tyrant Saddam Hussein, who had a long record of targeting Islamists and\or Saudi Royal collaborators for attack, the speech by Illinois State Senator Obama at the October 2, 2002 anti-war rally in Chicago appeared to me and still does as a rare rebuke of Daddy Warbucks. That 23 U.S. Senate votes opposed the use of force against Iraq now surprises me. As did President-elect Obama’s selection of former U.S. Jr. Senator from Wall Street Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, while her vote and advocacy supporting the long, expensive and counter-productive outcomes of our invasion and occupation of Iraq should not have come as any surprise.

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Yes, indeed. We have come to believe that it feeds us, clothes us, shelters us, but it is in fact none of those things at all. It is the quantified abstract of power, the greatest drug of all. It’s the game we play every day, a religion we slavishly follow, a nihilistic death cult we are all trapped in. It is a virus, embedded in our individual and collective psyche. It is the enemy and the enemy is us.

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The choices offered by capitalism and money are not real choices any more than the American system of government is real democracy. There is no such thing as a benevolent corporation. In the abstract, they are all immortal, psychopathic demons we play tribute to for goods and services. We may choose the lesser of evils every time, but the end result is that we will still be overwhelmed by evil. We can shop at Lowes instead of Home Depot, but sure enough Lowes will eventually become like Home Depot. Walmart was once just one nice little store in some town somewhere, and Amazon was an adorable website where you could buy books. It’s power that warps them all, the very power we give to them every time we make a purchase, and no business venture is immune to this cancerous cycle.


What is fair as defined by money? It does not exist. Money is by definition a system of unfair, of have and have nots, of owners and renters, of exploiters and exploited. The only way to actually “make it fair” is to destroy it utterly, which is what mother nature is in fact poised to do, alongside the whole human race.


Some are fighting back against the injustice:


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The money is taking us back to an outright Feudal System.

example Owning vs Renting
from 2015 probably worse now

How renting became the new home ownership


Capitalism is feudalism in a dress, really.


Stick to co-ops (and credit unions/public banks) where ever possible, and work to make them more popular and possible every where you can by joining and using them as your primary community economic interaction centers.


I’ve been with a credit Union since about '92


DT and his enablers have legitimated this mentality. Having 71 million voters will enable the DT mentality to persist, even if/when he is out of the picture.

If you’re someone with this mentality considering a run for office, there’s plenty to be encouraged by.


How do the imperialist ruling elite treat soldiers who are lied to and or forced to fight to propel the
Capitalist death cult of profits… how are they treated? Like fodder for the bonfire of greed by capitalist monsters. Throw out like half eaten dog food upon returning from the war.

How do these same vile sociopaths treat workers? Teachers? How do you think they would treat anyone who they see as disposable?

Essential workers -as we all do need - to revolt and strike! So the 99% forces these capitalist monsters out in the street and make them beg for food , forgiveness and for their very lives.