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Hailing his 'Authenticity and Integrity,' Dr. Cornel West Backs Bernie

Hailing his 'Authenticity and Integrity,' Dr. Cornel West Backs Bernie

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Extolling his "authenticity and integrity" in the struggle against greed, imperialism, and injustice, civil rights activist and intellectual Dr. Cornel West on Monday announced his endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.


I’m glad somebody with civil rights creds noticed that Bernie has been a long supporter of civil rights and deserves respect for that. Somehow it is as if Bernie was new to civil rights which is shameful and a lie. His long support for social issues and minorities of all types should have earned him plenty of creds but instead he was made the goat while all the other candidates were let slide and they did not have his record of support for progressive issues. Prof. West is renowned for his ethics as well as his analysis, it is not surprising that he would be first to remind us that Bernie has ever been on our side (as much as any politician could be …lol)

Go Bernie… for all of us!

Thank you, Prof. West.


Right on, Dr. West!


Cornel West was on FOX yesterday, interviewed by Megan Kelly. FOX tries to win over the people of color that its white racist owners and supporters have lost. But Megan had a tough row to hoe. On one hand she must appear sympathetic to black people, on the other she must not let Cornel score points for progressives. So she brought out a black conservative to betray his race.

“Extolling his authenticity and integrity in the struggle against injustice, greed and imperialism.” Dr. West.

The above quote from Dr. West is exactly why Bernie has no chance for the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Bernie is an anathema to Wall Street! And their latest gambit is to have Biden another Wall Street selected, stooge, enter the democratic race in order to marginalize Bernie.

Yeah. Remember the Washington Redskins finding a Native American who liked their name? I wonder how long that took? Probably should of just gone to Hollywood and found an unemployed actor and rented a costume from Bob Hope’s estate. Kind of like that with Fox and black conservative guests.


Wasn’t Dr. West waxing similarly rhapsodic about Barack Obama not too long ago?!! Yes, yes, I know that later on (after the hypocrisy of the President was obvious to all) he repudiated his endorsement of the peace prize clutching warrior president, but so what?
It tells me that genuinely eminent scholar Dr. Cornell West doesn’t know any more about the nature of politics or politicians than Richard Nixon knew about NFL football (The tricky one used to love to send suggestions for plays to the then coach of the Washington DC NFL team,–note the avoidance of their bigoted and inconsiderate team name!–George Allen). All suggestions were politely acknowledged and then ignored. That would be a good course of action to take with Dr. West’s latest political pronouncements.

As Bob Dylan once sang:
You raise up your head and you ask, “Is this where it is?”
And somebody points to you and says, “It’s his”
And you say, “What’s mine?” and somebody else says, “Well, what is?”
And you say, “Oh my God, am I here all alone?”
But something is happening and you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?


I originally thought as you do, that Bernie had no chance to win the Democratic nomination. I still think the DNC will do everything it can to give the nomination to the anointed one.

But Bernie is striking a chord in the American psyche. His message is resonating among people, the majority of people, who have been marginalized by a political class owned by wealthy donors. People are tired of a reverse Robin Hood system that takes from them to give to the rich.

I sat inside the Moda stadium in Portland with 19,000 people who repeatedly roared with approval and stamped the stands in response to Bernie Sanders’ speech. I didn’t know there were another 9000 listening outside who were unable to get in.

The enthusiasm for Bernie was a palpable thing. Something you could touch and feel.

And it’s growing. Polls show Hillary trending down while Bernie is trending up. If those trends continue the DNC is going to have to decide if they want to marginalize themselves and the party, or go with their best chance of putting a Democratic candidate in the White House: Bernie


I feel almost the same way about Bill Maher. Chris Rock, on the other hand said, " the money is not in the cure, it is in the disease. " It was in the context of cancer but applies to all things " politics ". But Cornell West is doing more than endorsing Bernie here. He’s slapping the upper class villagers, like Tyson and Booker, who get on THE TEEVEE and wax poetic about Pres. Obysmal. What color do you think the pom poms should be, btw. Rainbow didn’t work out so well. Just sayin’.

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Is there a Common Dreams Choir Group I’m unaware of?

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Many Sanders supporters have condemned the Black Lives Matter activists who took over the microphone at an event in Seattle where Sanders was speaking. I think they simply took advantage of a situation where they could influence a candidate for President and get more attention for their message - a very important message.

So I don’t think what they did was wrong. But there is no question that it damaged Sanders and raised unwarranted questions about his position on the issue of inequality in justice/enforcement in the U.S. Dr. West’s statement goes a long way toward addressing those questions. As does Bernie’s history:

“Bernie has long worked to address intrinsic and explicit racism from multiple angles. His extensive record as an advocate of racial justice goes back to his activism in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. He is proud to have marched on Washington with Martin Luther King, Jr. and watch him give his “I Have a Dream” speech. Bernie was also a student leader of the Congress of Racial Equality when he was arrested for protesting institutional segregation. Throughout his three decades in public service, Bernie has both been vocal on issues related to racial justice and voted to support those views — a legislative record that’s earned him a 100 percent rating from the ACLU and a 100 percent from the NAACP.”


Yeah, like all those who endorsed Romney, and predicted a landslide victory for him were so smart. How many African American intellectuals and educators have come out in favor of one of the people in the Teapublican’t clown car?

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So wait are you saying West should have known ahead of time that Obama would become a sell out before he saw proof that he was one. Well I only know of one person who knows before time whether a person is what he says he is and that is Poet. Poet dosen’t need proof because he just knows! Everyone else (or at least the smart ones) wait for some proof before they render judgement. Now Obama had no record that people could base their judgements on, so many people hoped that a man wouldn’t stoop so low to promise so much and raise people’s hopes so high only to let them down so hard.

Live and learn … or most of us do.

Prof. West was and is understandably wary of promises with nothing to back them up. Hillary can talk about wanting to work for peace in the MiddleEast but she voted for Bush’s Iraqi War. She can talk about the plight of the poor and doing something about the oligarchy but it is hard to believe her when she welcomes (oligarchy) pac money. See how that works? Empty promises with nothing to prove integrity or outright lies with ample proof of their falsehood. Pick one but be wary of both.

So here comes Bernie who is no stranger to Prof. West. btw. Bernie has been there on marches and supporting social justice and civil rights causes in congress. Bernie states facts of what he has done and will do and lo and behold over the years his promises have been backed up by his record of over twenty years in government. Odd that such a record seems the same as Obama’s not having any record at all to you? Well proof matters to Prof West and he reminded us that Bernie has always been on our side . He fights for the working man and minorities and he does not take oligarchy money. Bernie HAS a record that proves that he means what he says. Bernie may not be perfect but then the only one who is perfect is you Poet. This we all know because you tell us and you know all things even without proof.

Prof. West doesn’t endorse Bernie’s promises… he is endorsing Bernie’s record

A record that proves that Bernie is not just empty promises to anyone who cares to look.

Except of course to you Poet.


Make fun with them. They are all here to spread the cancer Chris Rock spoke of. Theirs is the disease and not the cure. George Allen was a racist and so is his son. Poet used a rather bad example, here, btw. He should of gone with Sheldon Adelson and " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman or Chucky " Cheese " Schumer. If the shoe fits, let him put it in his own pie hole.

the problem is that people really don’t understand that the president really has very little legislative power. after a bill is referred to rules committee, then goes to a policy committee, or, at the urging of lobbyists and staff, is “double-referred,” thus having to go to an additional policy committee, then to appropriations committee, then to the floor, and then all over again in the other house, lobbyists kill it. the president of the u.s. has far less legislative power than the average committee chairperson.

Going further, does anyone have much power in politics? Especially these days? It’s little more than a thin facade for legitimising the interests of others who pull the strings. I really question the sincerity - or maybe more the intelligence - of ANYONE who involves themselves in politics, by their very choice to do so. If a gang is a corrupt bunch of thugs, does a sincere individual try to become its leader? People refuse to see this just because they cannot envisage anything meaningfully different from the status quo. Better the devil you know… even as it kills you!

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You guys are doing a good job with the happy talk for Bernie. But pace yourselves, because you’re going to have to talk even happier after Jan. 2016 when you start to discover that Bernie is sending all your hard-earned cash to the Pentagon and his pet War Profiteers and he starts his own war against Muslims. Being as his so-called socialism is about as legitimate as Barry’s Nobel Peace Prize, Bernie is going to need every single one of us to deny, justify and rationalize, just like we did for Clinton and Obama before him. Gotta keep the love alive.


It is true that sitting in the white house is not the same as sitting on a throne. However do you remember when Obama first got in and republicans were in the toilet? He made a concerted effort to ‘work with the republicans’ and was so pathetic and weak that one had to wonder if that was his preassigned role and payment for his election by the powers that be. He then out Bushed Bush and continued all Bush’s policies including those tax cuts for the rich. However when it was Bush and Cheney they got their way and practically shut out the democrats as if they weren’t even part of government. Obama allowed the republicans to rehabilitate their much damaged imageand return to power. Why? Moreover he prosecuted no one for crimes that were committed. No accounting for anything. Obama was a republican in dem clothing.

A president can’t just do anything he wants but he has to want to do something in the first place. It is a sad fact that history will record Obama as a weak and embarassing president who stooped really low just to get elected and betrayed everyone who had hoped for some integrity.

Obama rehabilited the republicans from the lowest popularity ever. Obama is truly a disgrace. It really looks like he got in because he kept at least one promise >>> to let the republicans return to power. Anybody ever hear criticisms of the job republicans did? At the state they left our country in? Here comes the election and nothing is said about the failed wars, the debt, the failed economy, those billions in tax cuts for the rich during a war that we still pay off, the lack of jobs, the forever war, the failing infrastructure and all the rest that we face that began with Bush/Cheney? Anybody pointing fingers saying the repubs did this to us? Nope. Why? Because Obama let them rehabilitate their image and return to power.

Bernie is upsetting that oligarchic apple cart… and they are running scared… all of them… because Bernie has the support of the people and that is the only thing the oligarchs can’t control no matter how much money they spend.


This is big.

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Back in 08 (and to a lesser degree in '12) to call into question the Obama candidacy was considered being either Republican or racist. Yet the indications in both cases were that Obama was just a darker shade of GW Bush BASED ON WHO WAS GIVING HIM SO MUCH MONEY. One neither donates nor accepts that many billions of bucks without incurring an obligation to perform as the patron desires (a very polite definition of prostitution—oh excuse me, sex worker).
The federal election filings were all there to see for any who wished to do so. Few, if any, in the progressive community chose to do so. To continue with the prostitution/sex worker theme, Bernie is like a coquettish flirt who puts on a good show but is not about to do anything serious about it. The serious political prostitute/sex workers in this coming election so far have been JEB! and Hillary and the extent to which the big money of vested interests are plunking down their cash for the chance to take a turn in bed with these two shows that.
It won’t happen just yet, but eventually (by late winter or very early spring at the latest) big money’s courtesans in the media, public relations, and advertising, will roll out their campaigns and with saturation exposure make the likes of Bernie, Trump, Biden (although the Senator from MBNA does have has some seriously wealthy friends in the financial community), etc fade from the minds of the fickle public. The real serious speculation from now on will be who will be the vice presidential candidate for these two prohibitive favorites.