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Hailing his 'Authenticity and Integrity,' Dr. Cornel West Backs Bernie

Gosh Hillary, is that really how you feel?

You state things that aren’t true. Even well before Obama was elected old hands and wonks were commenting on the fact that Obama had abandoned the small donation from individuals which had propelled him along in the media and had gone over to the dark side by accepted the big money corporate route. Obama would eventually raise more than had Bush some 240 million I think it was. Btw way Bernie is sticking with the people not the corporate oligarchy. You blithely ignore this I notice but you try to say they are both the same.

In any case I criticized the thrust of your comment and here you respond by changing the subject. Btw you keep singing the same tune but you aren’t a Dylan…lol. Yes you are cynical and sour… that is the only song you ever sing.

Worse than waxing rhapsodic, he was just fawning over the guy. It was nauseating to watch.

Having attended a university where he was teaching for a time, and watching all the “cool people” (and very attractive women) hanging around him, I just had to wonder what rock star status does to people.


Ya, you tell it, man.

Haven’t I seen this show before?


We need people from outside this system. Once in, they compromise for fear of losing the status they’ve momentarily gained. Our leaders have to be people who have fought the power all along, and as a result have never been “in”. (Nader pointed this out regarding Obama. There were those that thought, once he [Obama] gets in, then he’ll fight. Nader said, no, that’s not how it works. People who are willing to stand up to power, have been doing it all along.)

I think were we need to look is for leaders that develop organically out of our grass-roots movements.


Well Hillary was “the anointed one” in '08, as well … then that wonderful fellow O came along and “stuck a chord in the American psyche” …

i have never doubted that Sanders could win, just as Stein could - any qualified candidate on a ballot can win, if enough folks vote for 'em. The question should be, not who “can” win, but who do we want to win …


Shucks, i thought you were a part of it …

Well, actually, there were plenty of red flags about O, but those of us who raised them got brickbats thrown at us … just as we do now …

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So did you vote for O? when did you “see the light”

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I agree with much of what you say except that i think it is possible that Sanders might get the nod - i think he has been vetted and found acceptable by TPTB …

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What drama …give me a break. Like I wasn’t existing in thse days. What a crock… you do exaggerate a lot you know. Icriticized Obama a lot it was no big deal.

No I did not vote for Obama once I saw the corporate money pouring in. Call me a cynic… lol

I think he liked him until he felt he was dissed by him …

Why we need to ditch the D/Rs …

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Yes its all that oligarchic money he takes I guess and…oh wait… Bernie doesn’t take the pac money… but that doesn’t matter to you does it Aquifer? You are willing to manipulate and lie… btw this deceit is the same as you were blathering about a week ago… recycling? Lol. Is it necessary to deceive people that you claim to be one of - progressives? You are literally deceiveing people…what’s up with that?

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So for whom did you vote ?

Sorry, it was a big deal to critique O - i was there, i know whereof i speak …

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yeah okay…a big deal…yeah okay. lol

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Here we go again - putting words in people’s mouth - never said he took PAC money -

Getting a bit shrill, are we? Accusing people of lying?

I am not the one deceiving people …


No answer?

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Okay lets be cute then - so what was the point in saying that heis acceptable to the powers that be? The reality is that if he was acceptable to them then he’d be taking their money…that is how it works

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