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Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/11/hair-trigger-nuclear-alert-over-kashmir


Wow, there’s more than one power hungry Hitler wannabe on this forsaken planet.

Let’s build a Thunderdome, and put them both in it. The loser, well, they’re both losers, dies, and the winner gets bragging rights, until he’s guillotined, shortly after his victory.

It’s all a win-win for the peoples of the Earth.


Chilling. We would think the US American Empire would be warned about being the global new Empire. Alas.

Arundhati Roy’s novel, The Ministry of Upmost Happiness, does much to express this danger in India and Kashmir. To get a sense of Ladahk or “Little Tibet” a nation that had a history of not only of really good relations between the Buddhist and Muslims which make up its population until India interfered to turn over Ladahk into a tourist “paradise”, read Ancient Futures by Helena Norberg-Hodge.


Again, this weird enthusiasm for guillotines, as if you get a charge out of it. I don’t.


Thanks much for the recommendation. Apparently there’s a free pdf (1 mb, from Shikshantar) available of the whole book (Oh boy! With an intro by H.H. & everything!). Looks like verbal music for the soul:

Before I went to Ladakh, I used to assume that the direction of “progress” was somehow inevitable, not to be questioned. As a consequence, I passively accepted a new road through the middle of the park, a steel-and-glass bank where the two-hundred year old church had stood, a supermarket instead of the corner shop, and the fact that life seemed to get harder and faster with each day. I do not any more. Ladakh has convinced me that there is more than one path into the future and given me tremendous strength and hope.

True that!

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Too bad. Soooooo sad!

Your’re crestfallen to encounter few sadists in this thread? Don’t worry, there’s better fishing elsewhere.

Crestfallen. Folks, we have a literary critic amongst us.

Quite an interesting article. Am sure the rulers could foresee the war and if they still did it, seems the intent was clear to make the region predominantly Hindu. In the name of Hinduism which is different from the concept of Hindutva, maybe the leaders forgot what Lord Rama actually wanted. Would THE LORD in whose name we gather votes and stir emotions have been that power hungry to instigate war. I am a Hindu yet against any kind of authoritarian developmentalism in the name of religion.


Modi has disappeared his chief rivals during state political contests.
He is definitely pushing the limits of his authority. It seems the sociopaths have ascended to the highest authority in more than one nation through legal means.

That said, this article does not detail how the latest stand off has come about and what the ideological battle lines are.

And on a minor note Modi is not a “new” leader in India - He has been there over five years.

The part of Kashmir in question here is a part of India, and the problem is currently entirely in the region “given to India”. We either honor the lines drawn delineating the two nations, or we do not, and have a free for all. If human rights are being violated, then another course of action must be taken. But to directly go to Pakistan acting inside of India governed Kashmir as a solution is absurd- that would be like saying Syria or Jordan should help Palestinians inside the Golan heights.

Thank you for the book link!

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