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Haiti's Latest Indignity At The Hands Of Dogooders


Haiti's Latest Indignity At The Hands Of Dogooders

Mark Schuller

I was in Cuba when the Oxfam "Caligula" sex scandal in Haiti broke.

Knowing my work in the field, a colleague with years of experience working in disaster response agencies asked me what I thought.


Excellent article, This is a sad day for morality and justice.

There is an organization that tracks pedophile priests for the reasons mentioned in the article. America’s problem clergy have been tracked to remote third world countries in Latin America too.


Yes, and for some that was after the church bounced them around the US first.


Who bears “the white man’s burden”?


In the article I read the five clergy all had disciplinary action before being sent to countries that were never informed of thieir history and in some cases had additional complaints. It really provided a complete evaluation including what happened to the victims. This really needs to stop. and now places like Haiti too.


I have a lot of respect for the victims, but even more for their parents. I have 3 step children, (no, I don’t refer to them as step children), and I can’t imagine allowing these scum to continue their time on earth, if it would have involved one of my kids.


I agree. It really does shake everyone’s sense of well being and trust. I too wish the families a way to recover and the knowledge there efforts to change the discussion on this and hold those responsible to account.