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Half a Million Chickens Will Be Boiled Alive This Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/half-million-chickens-will-be-boiled-alive-year


This article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the needless cruelty, pain, suffering and death our species creates for non-human species.
At least 58 BILLION innocent, sentient animals are tortured and killed every year in the USA to feed non-vegans.
Our species is a mass extinction event, stealing the habitats and lives of billions of innocent animals worldwide, leading to a worldwide mass extinction.
Our cruelty is based on the dominator mentality, which is also seen in human interpersonal behavior such as rape, incest, murder, war, racism, torture, abuse, etc.
We are the most dangerous and brutal species ever seen, and we revel in our worst tendencies.


And all of this “business-as-usual” attitude is propped up by religion, notoriously Catholic Church doctrine: “Brute beasts, not having understanding and therefore not being persons, cannot have any rights. The conclusion is clear. They are not autocentric. They are of the number of THINGS, which are another’s: they are chattels, or cattle. We have no duties to them…. Nor are we bound to any anxious care to make [their] pain as little as may be. Brutes are THINGS in our regard: so far as they are useful to use, they exist for us, not for themselves; and we do right in using them unsparingly for our need and convenience….” Jesuit Joseph Rickaby

The reflection that the “lower” creatures suffered, although innocent, troubled many consciences. But the official dogma stood firm that “brutes” had neither personality,“intellective soul” nor future life. Their place in the universe was fixed forever in Genesis 1:38, that they live and died for the convenience of man. As late as the middle of the last century, Pius IX refused permission for the formation in Rome of a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals on the grounds that it was a theological error to suppose that man had any duty toward animals…

… Echoes of the animal-machine idea occur in statements made by Pius XII to the effect that when the “lower” animals are killed in a laboratory or an abattoir, “their cries should not arouse unreasonable compassion any more than do red-hot metals undergoing the blows of the hammer, seeds soiling underground, branches crackling when they are pruned, grain that is surrendered to the harvester; wheat being ground by the milling machine." SOURCE: “Men, Beasts, and Gods - A History of Cruelty and Kindness to Animals” – Gerald Carson (1972)

Lawmakers trying to ban halal and kosher slaughter again are facing a backlash from the slaughter companies. Some are accusing animal activists who want to ban halal and kosher slaughter of antisemitism and Islamophobia and even potential ties to the far right and Nazism. Poland tried to ban ritual slaughter in the past but overturned the ban when even Pope Francis (the pope who preaches kindness to animals) said banning ritual slaughter was against freedom of religion.
Lawmakers trying to ban halal and kosher slaughter again are facing a backlash from the slaughter companies.

The proposed new laws would offer broad protection for animals by banning ritual slaughter for export, closing mink farms, and ending the exploitation of animals in entertainment.

This Catholic country actually passed a ban on kosher (halal was’t that much of an issue apparently in 2014). Then there were accusations of anti-semitism, and the Vatican jumped in to launch an “investigation” about bigotry and religious freedom. The ones in Poland who passed the ban thought animal suffering was more important than the rituals. But the Vatican’s opposition and the prejudice accusation won out and the ban was overturned.


Thank you so much for this super-accurate and informative post. Our species is a mass extinction event, and we find amazingly devious ways to justify and defend our massacre of the biosphere and innocent animals.
Judeo-Christian mythology is based on blood sacrifices to satisfy the blood lust of the stupid, angry, incompetent sky-father, and the Catholic Church is one of the main advocates for relentlessly increasing human population growth.
It’s sickening.


before replying specifically to the quote above, i want to say i’ve read all comments left thus far, and agree with pretty much everything.

as to the quote, the way i put it is that civilization is ecological cancer. prior to civilization, human population was naturally much more limited (to several million, as opposed to several billion, roughly a 1,000 fold increase). small bands of hunter gatherers lived much more in ecological harmony, much as other feral predatory species. the onset of widespread agriculture, the basis of civilization, changed everything. as civilization spread and became more intensive and industrial, human population exploded at the expense of wilderness, ecosystems, and the environment. to this day it continues to grow, much like cancer does in the body, at the expense of the body.

i’m pretty sure industrial civilization is near it’s end, which is to say this ecological cancer is in it’s terminal stage. i’m pretty sure some species will survive, but the vast majority won’t, including very likely our own. i think the effects of climate disruption will provide the coup de grace to this mass extinction event and ensure our own near term extinction (read SIX DEGREES by mark lynas and UNDER A GREEN SKY by peter ward for much more context). if i’m wrong and somehow humans don’t become extinct soon from climate change induced ecological collapse, i think it’s virtually certain we’ll still see a quite abrupt catastrophic population reduction back to pre-civilization levels, as civilization implodes due to critical natural resource depletion and somewhat less severe than anticipated climate disruption and ecological collapse.

as to religion, i think civilization led to the creation of human centered dogmas like those of christianity which try to justify our abusive and ecologically destructive relations with other species and nature as a whole.

this article reminded me of a book i just read by anne moody titled COMING OF AGE IN MISSISSIPPI (poor and black, before and during the civil rights movement). in part of it she describes taking a job in a chicken slaughterhouse and processing factory and having to work under horrifically stressful and exhausting conditions. also reminded me of another book titled SLAUGHTERHOUSE, which is all about modern industrial abattoirs, which was even far more horrific. as in the article, it’s made clear that economic greed is responsible for the nightmarishly inhumane practices in which millions of animals are tortured and brutalized before being killed.

i have one more book to bring up, one i’m currently reading that’s on a relatively more positive note, about some non-human animals and how similar they are to us in their ability to think, feel, and emote. it’s titled BEYOND WORDS, by carl safina. i highly recommend it.

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a couple of things i neglected to mention which i should have. a blog titled THE COLLAPSE OF INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION has a lot of great information and links. and my own, much less noteworthy blog: dystopiananddoomed(dot)blogspot(dot)com.

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one more thing i should have mentioned: this book by gene baur: Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food. mr. baur created an actual sanctuary where animals can live out their lives in peace and serenity, titled farm sanctuary. u might want to check it out.

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Primitive beings do primitive things.
One day we will put our violence aside choosing another way to be human.
Highly Evolved Beings do not consume animals.

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Brilliant post. It echoes two of my favorite books, the Endgame series by Derrick Jensen.

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thank u carol. i’m a big fan of jensen too.

The solution is not to “adopt much stronger animal welfare policies”, but to stop eating animals altogether. Slavery also used to be a thing. Eating animals also should become a thing… of the past.