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Half-Way Through Paris... And a Very Long Way from World-Saving Deal


Half-Way Through Paris... And a Very Long Way from World-Saving Deal

Jon Queally, staff writer

The COP21 climate talks in Paris reached their halfway point on Saturday, but a deal that experts and global justice campaigners would consider acceptable remains a long way off as the fossil fuel industry and wealthy nations maintain their powerful grip on the direction of the international summit.


They sat on the shore and sighed.
We tried! They insisted. We tried!
When the waters rose they began to swim.
Realizing only then how little they had succeeded.


We had the largest Climate March in world history last year in New York City. I made a video that documents the entire march. It is quite long, but may be you would like to look at a little bit of it.


Yes- this conference is on its way to having its desired outcome (for its corporate and government leaders). Yes these humans can have their way in the short-term, yet Mother Earth will have justice and her way as she re-balances the changing global system of Earth in response to the human catalyst. Yes a warming climate, pending global crop failures, death of the Pacific ocean and a rising sea level of over 150 feet in the next 100 years are on the way (Great Waves of Change, MV Summers). And the timing of the Paris bombing could not have been more well-timed, on schedule. What is puzzling is the ignorance of the Elite...in order to protect their wealth, wouldn't one think that they would do all that they could to stabilize the climate? For as things begin to unravel, their wealth will become meaningless.


The text is said to be only 48 pages. At least it is not as unwieldy as what they were dealing with in Copenhagen. The left will not be happy with final agreement, that seems certain, while others will point to progress assuming they don't wind up empty-handed in total discord.


The Planet Earth doesn't care about the Paris Climate Change talks. We can either save our ass or follow many other failed evolutionary experiment. The planet will keep spinning around the sun. God will not save us.


Zero leadership shown by the so-called leaders.

A fair agreement would consider both the size of the economy and current contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (of extraction and processing by the nation responsible as well as consumption) as well as their historic contributions. China wants to be considered a developing nation, despite the huge size of its now industrialized economy and current GHG emissions. The UK and Germany don't want to consider historic contribution. And the US refuses to accept responsibility for its historic contributions or the size of its industrial economy. India, though a developing nation, wants to build a huge number of coal-fired energy plants, and if it does it will be a huge contributor in the future. Brazil continues to mow down the Amazon forest like it was a giant grass lawn.

Amazing selfishness. It is pretty clear that the big and industrial nations do not give a crap about the poor and frontline nations. They are expendable, just like much of their our own people..


I'd bet that Western world leaders spent more time talking about ISIS than they did climate change when they were in Paris for the Climate Change Summit.


We passed the Rubicon several years ago as positive feedbacks are underway. Nothing of much good will come from this "hopium" conference. Omniumgatherum said it well. With worsening droughts, increased crop failure, a still growing global population, and increasingly nonlinear rates of ecological collapse... we are painting ourselves as Humanity into the proverbial corner. "Civilized Society" is very fragile. We are all human animals, afterall. So, when there's not enough food nor habitat to feed the planet in the coming decade or two, things will really get ugly. We've brought this on ourselves. I only grieve for any other life forms that we will take down with our coming extinction. Humans cannot survive in a world 3 or 4 degrees centigrade above baseline (pre-industrial times.. and we've already reached the 1.0 C mark).


"I refuse to go home without an agreement. . . . "

Then you're probably not going home.

Most people simply don't care.


The timing of CETA, TPP, TTIP and TISA are even more well timed to be signed just in time for corporations to destroy whatever emanates from COP21.


Most people (among those of us who have the space in our lives to consider these matters instead of struggling just to survive) cannot bring themselves to digest these basic truths.

So - (for those of us who do not simply devolve into the classic ego traps of greed, toys and "entertainment," or social status) - we spend our time on "issues" that would "make sense" in a "real world" that we've all been trained to believe is actually real. "Realistically" we can't do this, we could never do that, we must have this, we could never do without that, etc. etc. etc.

So therefore addressing the ACTUAL realities of our predicament - truly going "all in" on stopping fossil fuels, massively reducing unneeded production and consumption, "rewilding" as much of the Earth as we can, ending petrochemical industrial agriculture and engaging in labor-intensive agroegology and Permaculture, limiting human reproduction to ramp down our massive population, focusing on taking basic care of each other and ourselves with solidarity and humility, etc. - appears "so unrealistic."

To crib Einstein's assessment of human response to the development of nuclear war technology: "Thus, we drift toward unparalleled disaster."


because Americans are ignorant slackers. They just want someone to tell them what to do. They need to know how to serve the rich because in their minds it is all they have for skills.


Nice video John. Thanks


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I continue to expect nothing from Paris. Tap dancing?


Thank you John. That was lovely and inspiring. Much more than our tiny few. I especially liked seeing that there were folks of all colors who came from a variety of places and distances to join in the march. Great to see unions and teachers and universities. WVU? That may have surprised me the most.

It was interesting to me that towards the end, you sped up the video and I noticed that I could only read and understand those signs and words that were already familiar to me. I wasn't trying not to see the new ones, it was just too fast, confusing and distracting for focused attention. I wondered if that was similar to the phenomenon I have heard about that many people often don't see what is new and unfamiliar to them. Perhaps this is how the world of new ideas looks to them. If so, it would explain a lot.
Again, thank you for your efforts.


The only way Paris can be successful is if they negotiate two things:


As I was saying: 2 things:
1. A Fair Carbon Tax - This means that all carbon is recognized as detrimental. Further that developing countries shouldn't have to pay a lion's share of the burden for the anthropomorphic carbon in the atmosphere. They get their carbon at say a buck a pound. The US, England, European countries that industrialized around the same time, Russia, all pay $3 a pound. You get credit for every square hectare of trees. If it increases, you get carbon credit. All other countries will be somewhere in between in cost per pound. Is the $1 & $3 correct? Probably not, but you get my point. It must be negotiated and is the primary order of business.
2. This is the easy one. Negotiate a time 2 years hence when every country will reconvene and determine what to do with the funds raised by every country (paid to the UN and held in escrow, maybe?).
The distribution summit helps developing countries get funding for staying carbon neutral or for bio-mass that is maintained (yes, we're looking at you central and south America). Countries will eventually need to get people out of the way of rising and more ferocious seas. We start with island nations, and then work to where all countries become carbon sinks (at least from our current position!)
What do you say?
Who's With Me? Say it: Carbon Tax! Carbon Tax!


Yes indeed -- great video.