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Hallelujah: Not Giving Up


Hallelujah: Not Giving Up

As anti-moronic-bigot protests continue and Clinton's popular vote margin climbs toward two million, Saturday Night Live's cold open at the end of a tough week got it hauntingly right. Hear a tearful Kate McKinnon, as Clinton, sing the newly departed Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah” at the piano. Even though it all went wrong, she ends, "I'm not giving up, and neither should you." We're trying.


More genuinely compassionate than the real Clinton ever will be.


Where does she get this 2 million vote lead from? Politico shows just a 400,000 vote lead.


CNN now has Clinton 668,483 votes ahead.

The 1.8-2 million figure comes from projections of what the final count will be once the many millions of ballots left are counted.

Already, she's ahead by more than Gore over Bush.


That worked out so well for Albert.


I have no idea what you're trying to say to me there. I was just giving some information.


I just don't get the preoccupation with the popular vote count. The relevant figure here is that HRC is -62 to DT, DT is >270, and HRC is < 270.

Gore actually won whereas HRC did not.


For those of us who are against the current system, the popular vote matters. Twice in 16 years the popular vote winner did not make it into the White House.

I just read a post here that said the use of superdelegates in the Democratic Party is "unAmerican." A lot of people here seem to have an issue with superdelegates. Considering that political parties are free to pick candidates however they want to, it seems strange to me that people would be upset about that but okay with the Electoral College, a system that intentionally denies the will of the people.

It's really pretty simple. More people voted for Clinton than Trump. I think that matters. If Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein had received more votes than Trump and lost the election, I'm thinking that people here would be howling about it. I'm don't like it not because of the candidates (I didn't even vote for Gore) but because of the inherent unfairness of a system that makes some people's votes count for more than other people's votes. I believe that one person, one vote is a sound principle, and the Electoral College violates that principle.


This disaster was the failure of us true lefties. Let's mobilize into a coalition of Communists, Socialists and Greens and now!


I can work with Marxists (not Stalinists/Maoists), but I'm not sure that I've got that much in common with Greens.


The Hillary true believers can cast blame for all their gaga and peepees and poopies blind enthusiasm loss but until they face reality they'll be barking up the wrong tree, and that is that Hillary Clinton is a wretchedly awful candidate who ran the most incompetent campaign possible. There are substantial, consistent reasons why she lost her shot at the presidency twice. The fact that she learned nothing from 2008 and committed similar boneheaded errors should give us relief that she will never be in the White House. Fact is that despite all the claims about her intelligence and experience, Hillary Clinton cannot be that smart. She ignored the constituency that put Obama in office twice, and repeated calls for her not to do that went unheeded. With a middle class directed message Sanders drew crowds ten times the size of hers across the campaign and outraised her campaign finance totals to the extent that she had to suspend her campaigning in the spring to raise more money. In the most remarkably stupid tactic she revived Cold War anti-Russian antagonism as a central campaign theme, which exceeded only in its provocative dangers her dumb ass speeches to the American oligarchy--after what happened to Romney how could she expect those speeches not to be made public?

There's plenty more blame to spread but the misogynistic argument that we're seeing is not part of that loss. My district just elected a long-time local flat tire Republican hack to Congress over the wonderful progressive woman Zephyr Teachout. Her response? Next time we'll just have to ring more doorbells. So give up the lame excuse that Hillary lost because she is a woman. That surely cost her some votes but not enough to cost her the election. As for Zephyr, I believe she is already aiming for 2018, as are her supporters not seeking to place blame but to better organize for victory next time. Hillary lost because she had no appeal or message, and she had no appeal or message because Hillary was not smart enough to assign the importance of that to her campaign. Trump notwithstanding--and I trust him like I would a rattlesnake--we're better off without her and the Democratic establishment.


I'm not sure what you're respondng to here. I was talking about the Electoral College. I was against it before this election, I'm against it now, and I'd be against it if Clinton had won it. Also, I didn't talk at all about misogyny here, so where that came from I've no idea, though the over-the-top sexist language here on CD was actually worse than I saw from Trump supporters, by and large.


Of course, we all must unite and fight hard, with courage and without ceasing. But still, at this moment, still reeling, a more appropriate Leonard Cohen song might've been The Future:

And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's riding crop
get ready for the future....

And Clinton as victim will be hard for a lot of people to take right now. Feels a little tone-deaf to play it that way. Brings to mind another lyric from the same song:

When they said repent repent
I wonder what they meant.

Can't help thinking that the universe loved Leonard so much, it spared him what is coming.


Ayuh. At the rate she's been amassing votes since the election ended, Clinton should probably win the thing in the next three or four days.


My reply was an insert, not specifically directed toward your post. Yours was the closest topic to what I wished to comment about. Nothing at issue with you.


But how? The election has already been stolen, held, and Trump won, unfortunately.


This has absolutely nothing to do with the electoral college. Distraction?

Irrespective of your beliefs about the electoral college, the results of this election can't be changed. I wonder, had the result been reversed, if you would feel the same way, and if you would be making a case for Trump. I seriously doubt that you would. As I posted elsewhere on the site:


Well then, thank the very funny Lord that I don't care what you think.

Also, I never said that the results of this election could be changed. Nor am Imaking the case "for Clinton." I'm making it against the EC. Construct more strawmen, why dontcha? Utterly useless. And there was no distraction at all in my post to anyone who is honest.

As I said, in case anyone else missed it, I was against the EC before this election, I'm against it now. Some people want to twist that for their own absurd agenda, but I remain the same.


That's about what I figured. And that's why the Dems lost - they don't care what people with differing opinions think. You guys need some cheese to go with all of your whine. Cheers.


Not a Dem.

Also, for someone who pretends I was trying to "distract" people, that's quite the non sequitur you have there. I was talking about the EC. You seem to want to whine about Clinton. You remind me very much of another person who used to respond to me a lot. He couldn't understand what I wrote, either.