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Hallmark Caves: Love, Noise and the Profit Motive Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/12/16/hallmark-caves-love-noise-and-profit-motive-win

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Oh America; sigh------and Hallmark too, how sad you all are.
“All men are created equal…” Of course we all know that nowadays it is ALL PEOPLE are created equal. How is to possible that these angry people in America have no gay friends or any friends or relatives in the LGBTQ universe?
Religion doesn’t seem very helpful , useful or fair---------but really, how could anyone object to love among so many different people in the universe???
Hallmarks caves------and I HOPE that they learned that all people are created equal—although after living a while some of them get really mean. Watch that religious people----remember, Jesus, the rabbi----wasn’t married-----Hmmmmm.


“Gay agenda”? Oh got it. It’s a conspiracy to rattle the cage of those uncomfortable with their own sexuality.


Put your money where it counts. BOYCOTT


Watch out for the “family” meme in politics - family values often mean in the mainstream politics saturated with christian fundamentalism, a man and a woman and their offspring ONLY. No one else can be a family!
Also, the focus on family is ultimately punitive in a politics where single people pay a higher price due the crime of not being married.
Watch out for fundamentalism in all its corrupted forms - prayers and ‘religion’ in the Oval Office now run the country autocratically, ‘according to the Bible’ (?) while claiming democracy.

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Not according to Dan Brown.

Hi GuildF312S:

Oh Dan Brown----a great fiction writer—who doesn’t love him? : )

They have friends in the LGBTQ community, they either do not know they have friends in the LGBTQ community or they deny it.