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'Halt This Reckless Supreme Court Process Now,' Says Schumer as GOP Advisers Float Plan to Let Infected Senators Vote in Person

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/halt-reckless-supreme-court-process-now-says-schumer-gop-advisers-float-plan-let

Just called Chuck’s office and recorded a message encouraging him to hit harder and harder, do whatever it takes to stop the Handmaid nominee.
There should be a law that people who are virus carriers aren’t allowed in the Senate building anywhere.
All the GOP senators are infected with the Trump virus, which is fatal for democracy.


First the republicans destroy their integrity regarding selecting a Supreme Court judge in an election year, now they show their inhumanity by planning to expose the entire senate to COVID 19


The performative activism from over the summer has officially ended


Confirming fascist judges has been Moscow Mitch’s highest priority from day one and he has proven second to none in meeting his goals. Several times during the past six months Mitch has required the US Senate to reconvene solely to expedite judicial conformations.

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Makes one want to toss a smallpox bomb in the hearing room. JUST KIDDING. I took a personal vow of non-violence 60 years ago and I have no intention of breaking that vow. I am also well aware of the psychic dangers of even thinking about such a thing.

Unfortunately these fascists are not aware of much of anything. They have no ethics, no morals, no ability to feel the pain of others or unfortunately even their own. They are Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie,” dead to the world and to themselves, What else could anyone call them besides fascists? Well, quite a lot, actually. I strongly recommend reading The Word For
World is Forest
, by Ursula Le Guin, immediately.


Note that if the infected Senators are seated above the rest of the Senators , any droplets they produce will drift downward toward the rest of the Senators.

Do the non-infected Senators that are not Rethuglicans need to be seated at an even higher level to avoid this?

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This a good place to start. Creative lawyers should find a way to petition the Supreme Court to rule that consistent with McConnell’s insistence on ignoring Merrick Garland, in fairness the Republicans should be held to the same standard today. Call it equitable lifetime judicial appointment estoppel.

Schumer would understand the concept. Does he have the guts?