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Halting Intentional Climate Inaction


Halting Intentional Climate Inaction

Nnimmo Bassey

If you keep going in the same direction, you will inevitably end up at where you are going. – Chinese proverb


Ignoring the wince-inducing headline (can’t blame CD for this one), this is a very well written article. Bassey lays out the failures of the first-world nations to commit to action and details the technological red-herrings being used to forestall meaningful change.

The only fault that I can find with this piece is the author’s apparent belief that politicians can be the focal point of change. The truth is that the corporate and military sectors are consolidating their control to the degree that politicians are becoming obsolete; they are artifacts of a passing era.

Understanding the desperation to control fossil fuels requires that we see them more as a military than a commercial resource. The gargantuan machines of modern warfare cannot be powered by wind or solar energy.

Complex problems can be solved with simple solutions.

A corollary of this point is that the simple solutions are the most difficult to implement.



“Complex problems can be solved with simple solutions. The climate crisis can be tackled by working with nature and not against her. We need to resolve to respect the rights of Mother Earth to maintain her natural cycles without human disruptions.”

The above quote represents the paradigm of partnership rather than that of macho, Mars-equipped domination. The mindset that respects the Living Earth as Mother to all is not one that can so blithely rape, pillage, and plunder and view the carnage (added to planned wars’ collateral damage) as “business as usual.”

Thank you for your wisdom and honesty, Mr. Bassey.

The Energy corps–along with a globally-induced system of finance that lends to faux products enormous wealth–are what’s holding government officials hostage.


Sure… China’s coal-fired urban atmospheres and the U.S. corporate government’s enthusiasm for fracking show how much in the “right” direction all this is going. You’re just using India as a straw-man in order to take the heat off our own nation’s reprehensible policies… as directed by elites.


Very telling indeed. Windmills on the water and panels on the roof are not a serious answer to the demands that must be met by a baseload energy source.