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Hamilton Cast Schools VP-Elect Pence in True 'American Values'


Hamilton Cast Schools VP-Elect Pence in True 'American Values'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Vice President-elect Mike Pence received a chilly reception when he attended a performance of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" on Friday, and perhaps—the diverse cast hopes—a lesson in true "American values."


May this be the first of many times whenever Dump's henchmen flounce about in public and are called out. And judging by Cinnamon Hitler's thin-skinned response, they are not prepared for this at all.


May that set the tone for this presidency. I will look forward to booing this character.



" Mike Pence, a staunch Christian conservative"?

I thought Christians are supposed to love their enemies? It is clear that if Mike Pence considers gays, LGBT's, and women's rights an anathema and the enemies of his hypocritical, so-called Christian values, then Pence, in my view, is not a Christian, but an anti-christian or like Chris Hedges would call him..a fascist christian. But not surprising when you look at who picked him for V.P.!


Any time any of the new administration is out in public we need to BOO them. Make them all aware. Jesus wold be proud.


Ok, this is a little on the awesome side of life. But, Trump did say he wants to have the ability to sue people that hurt his little feelings if they say something bad about him. So, good luck Dixon. Trump will go after him like the slave masters hunting down slaves. This makes me think the idea that history wont repeat itself from learning it is a load of bs after all. Did everyone in this country learn about slavery? Did everyone learn about Lincoln destroying printing presses that were printing negative things about him? If i did, then there are others that did, so why is history looking like it is about to repeat itself? This is where we diverge from the Orwellian society. Maybe not.


I'd never heard of Lincoln destroying printing presses in my history classes but Orwell was required reading. Proof that the winners RIGHT the history books.


The central dysfunction of US political consciousness is represented by the fact that if Clinton or Kaine had shown up at the theater, they would have been treated like royalty by those same people who booed Pence.


Ah, shucks, the precious little Pence snowflakes got booed. And the twumpie Cheeto a starts to Twitter.


Our Pied Piper has orange hair....

What does it mean to be a pied piper?
the hero of a German folk legend, popularized in The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1842) by Robert Browning. 2. (sometimes lowercase) a person who induces others to follow or imitate him or her, especially by means of false or extravagant promises.

I voted Green, not Orange.


I think in any piece on the 'chrisitan' conservatives, they should be called 'so called christian'.


Does he really think that he and the whole cast of his deplorable administration are not going to be booed and heckled and derided everywhere they go?


Shootr.... No need to use such verbage...(Go f-self; no need for that). Not sure where the screeners are for this verbage.As for the Trumpsters; I feel that DT made so many promises that he will not be able to keep. I am also getting the sense that he is in over his head. And it is becoming very frightening as he appoints his support cast....For if he leaves office, these appointees will remain in office.....


Yes Mr. Pence, welcome to the real world-even as it's depicted on a stage. Can't take the heat, head for the lobby, eh? And it's just beginning...


Agree 100%...as troubling as Trump is, it's the cast of characters he's assembling and who will remain even if he isn't around that worries me.


Goodness me! So much anger. So many baloney assumptions. Lighten up, Shootr. It's a wonderful musical with, perhaps, a bit of insight into politics, human nature, and our founding fathers. Enjoy its splendid music as well as its gifted, diverse and creative actors - and stop trying to make something sinister and ugly out of Lin-Manuel Miranda's magnificent opus.


From what I understand there are quite a few lawsuits filed against the orange man -- here's hoping in his case orange really is the new black!!! :smiling_imp:


Clinton won the popular vote by over a million votes, so not sure what you mean by the statement above. But I can say, there are plenty of lefties who are tired of the neoliberal/neoconservative values that have been shoved down our throats in recent decades as well. The fact is we have more in common with each other than the 1% who call the shots.

There as many folks on the left as on the right that are fed up with the status quo, and in two years time, we'll all still be pissed at the status quo.


I agree with you, but it is never too late to speak to power. Be comforted that Monsieur Obama is getting an earful on his farewell tour.


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