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Hamilton vs Trump


Hamilton vs Trump

César Chelala

“Apologize!” was President elect Donald Trump conclusion of two messages he wrote to the cast of Hamilton, one of the most successful Broadway musicals in recent times. He was thus responding to the incident in which actor Brandon Victor Dixon, that played Vice President Aaron Burr, addressed the audience of the show.

At the end of last Friday’s performance, noting that Vice President-elect Mike Pence was in the audience, he used the opportunity to thank Mr. Pence for attending the show and told him, “We hope you will hear us out.”


Good article, Mr. Chelala. I love the poem. Please correct spelling of poet's last name. I searched for Lazar and could not find her, so I searched for Ordinances poems and found out it is Lazard. Thanks much. Now, we all can discover this fine poet if we have not done so already. Have a good day.


Eventually, Trump may have some actual work to do, and maybe then the twittering should ease up.


Does repeated overuse of Twitter make one a twit?


Doesn't anyone realize anymore that Hamilton was a defender of the 1% and against democracy? It seems pretty weird that the liberal/progressive crowd are so enamored with this show. I guess their Neo-Liberal politics make it so all that matters is that the cast is diverse and it doesn't matter Hamilton was about establishing the U.S. as an oligarchy?


Got me. I suppose it's likely the play glosses over that. Does it?

The cast ought to be able to hand Pence an opinion if they care to either way, though, no?


Waiting to see when a show on the Revolutionary War based on the well researched work of Gerald Horne on The Counter Revolution of 1776 that details how this war, fought on stolen land of other people and established by the slave labor of another kidnapped group, was waged in great measure to retain the institution of slavery and to expand and steal even more indigenous land. That's right: the "revolutionary" war and not just the civil war.