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Hammer of Justice: Heartland Peace Activist Facing Felonies for Breaking Northrup Grumman Windows


Hammer of Justice: Heartland Peace Activist Facing Felonies for Breaking Northrup Grumman Windows

Fran Quigley

Jessica Reznicek, 34, an Iowa peace activist, was arraigned yesterday and charged with two felonies for breaking three windows with a sledgehammer at the Northrup Grumman facility outside the Omaha Nebraska Strategic Air Command at Offut Air Force base. After her court appearance she was returned to the Sarpy County Jail where she has remained on $100,000 bond since her action on December 27. Reznicek, who has no plans to post a cash bond, is facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted on both counts. Her trial is set for May 24.


What would happen if thousands of others showed this same boldness?

I, for one, agree with everything in Ms. Reznicek's letter... and action!

It demonstrates what kind of society America has been transformed into directly through the now fully matured influence of the Military Industrial Complex that those who murder for profit are treated with respect and granted riches, while those who protest these barbarian activities that should have been retired centuries ago, are put on trial!

As I always say, "Mars Rules!"

This deserves repeating:

"Her letter continued, “Yes, glass did shatter. It shattered like the illusion that Northrop Grumman holds human life in any way in its best interest. It shattered like the illusion Iraq ever possessed weapons of mass destruction. It shattered like the illusion Iraqis were involved in 9/11. It shattered like the lie that perpetual war will ever bring peace. Glass shattered in the name of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives taken when Northrop Grumman/STRATCOM’s direct bombs from space rained down upon them from space. I destroyed two windows and a door, yes! STRATCOM with its cooperate partner Northrop Grumman destroys life in the tens of thousands.”


Bravo Jessica for doing and Fran for writing. May your acts inspire us to stand up for our own consciences.


Both counts of what? When did mere vandalism become a major felony? I guess that if your intent was to break windows instead of educate people about the madness of the war machine a fine and a slap on the wrist would suffice. To have the nerve to actually try to say something valuable by breaking a window, well, that just cannot be tolerated. Examples have to be made so the next budding conscience will think twice before doing anything to shed light on the amoral viciousness of corporate war mongering. Iowans generally are a fair-minded lot (except for Iowa republicans, who are as mean and brainless as republicans everywhere, only more so -- Steve King, Ted Cruz as caucus winner - apologies to the rest of the country). Here's hoping that the judge and the jury have a better sense of proportion than the prosecutor.


Kudos to Ms Jessica Reznicek, for her conscientious actions against a cruel and indifferent manufacturer of death and destruction. Now, please, if they decide to throw the book at you:

  1. Exhaust all legal means of appeal and any civil remedies potentially available.
  2. Speak and write as you are able explaining the rationale for doing what you did.
  3. If forced to be jailed, then go and serve your time without remorse or whining about how unfair everything is. Both you and we already know that.

May many more as they are able and convicted (no pun intended by the way) by conscience join you until all the windows at the Northrup Grumman facility outside the Omaha Nebraska Strategic Air Command at Offut Air Force base are smashed and the icy cold winds of the great plains winter descends upon the merchants of death who occupy them..


High ranking member of congress?!?! Chairman of the joint chiefs?!?! Why not name names? Don't these bums need to be exposed for the covert killers they are?


I pissed on the Pentagon once. Lucky I didn't get life imprisonment.


From that picture of her, she looks like a real danger and menace to society.

A society of . . .


Some time ago, some British activists broke into a building in which a British aerospace company was housing aircraft it was selling to the Indonesian military who would have used them to attack villagers in West Papua, where there has been a long-running independence movement against Indonesian colonisation. They damaged the aircraft with hammers and then surrendered to the police. I recall that they argued that they were attempting to prevent murder and that it was their moral duty to put the aircraft out of commission. The Jury acquitted them, clealry overriding certain British laws including that of trespass. The Jury has the final say and has the right to refuse a guilty verdict even if directed by a judge to deem the accused guilty. There are precedents for this in British and USAian history.


I think the UK system has Jury Nullification just as the USA does.

Many Citizens are not aware that they can do this has members of a jury because there collusion inside of the justice system to keep that information hidden.

Recently a man was on a street passing out literature informing passerby that if they ever selected to a Jury they retained that right as Citizens. A Judge saw the man doing this perfecty legal act and ordered nearby Police men to arrest him. he was charged with "jury tampering" even though he was not targeting his literature to anyone on a Jury.


There was also the "Pit stop Ploughshares" who hammered on US aircraft at Shannon Airport on their way to Iraq. They were acquitted by an Irish jury.

But such things are not going to happen her in this fascist land across the Atlantic unless you people over there start to organize boycotts and sanctions against the US.


What would happen if YOU showed any boldness? You say you agree with her courage and dedication but it is just Siouxrose (#?) talking her talk. Spare us your associating yourself with people who do more than talk okay. Just once look in the mirror and see that you are not special simply because you agree with people who are DOING something special. Why don't you do something special Siouxrose? You pronounce your approval or disapproval like that is of such great importance just because it is you saying it.

Have some sense of shame at least once. This woman is facing twenty years and you want to babble your usual spiel.

And then you repeat what she said as if it will then have some added gravitas with Siouxrose's seal of approval. You are an amazing embarrassment to yourself. Deal with your ego.

Look in the mirror...you are not her ...Siouxrose.

BTW did you just babble some formulaic stuff about Christians yesterday or so?

See the mention of her working with the Catholic Worker movement started by Dorothy Day? Think of the Berrigan brothers and the original Ploughshares movement. These are people of deep faith...they stand with the courage of nonviolence within their faith... while you merely criticized generic religion instead.


Jury Nullification; that's the term. I believe it began with the Quakers in the UK a long time ago refusing to get involved in one Britain's wars (blame the French for Britain's wars; we are a peace-loving lot really) and they refused on grounds of their Christian conscience. So they were charged with one of the usual crimes one is said to commit when one does not want to fight for one's King and the jury acquitted them. Which caused the judge to get right annoyed, and the jury had a hard time of it but they stuck with their position of not guilty. Probably the details are in Wikipedia.

But fancy getting charged for telling people what their legal rights are in a situation they may find themselves in. Indeed, the USA is exceptional.