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Hand Over Your Weapons


Hand Over Your Weapons

David Scharfenberg

If gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, they'll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms

Las Vegas shooting


If I were to stage a false flag, I would do it like this.

Gather two separate groups of gun nuts in one place and ask them to bring their weapons, because we will be force fully taking their guns. Make sure they dress in full camo, and make sure you put an official fully armored police car on each side. Then simply get a police man to vaguely gesture while saying that they will be accepting weapons in the middle.

Then get the generic mentally impaired nazi fire a couple of rounds at each side.

And get out of the way.

Do this in each metropolitan area.


While the sheer number of guns in the U.S. is the main reason for the massive amount of gun related violence, the insecurity of so many Americans rests with the knowledge that their guns give them the strength to lash back in case they need to some time in the future. I doubt that Americans would therefore go along with a government initiative to create a gun free society.
However if Americans were told that their guns could remain, but had to be stored at a local gun club or armoury and thereby accessible to them in case of the need to “defend the country” or some other unforeseen conflict, the gun owners may be more amiable to the idea. As for hunters, they could simply access their guns during the hunting season and return them once the season ended.
It is a difficult situation to wrestle with and differs a lot from the Australian model in that Americans have a lot more to fear from their corporate controlled, non-representative government than Aussies do. The U.S. government after all routinely kills American citizens abroad for their political beliefs and imprisons millions of Americans at home each year for minor drug offences or other misdemeanours so that they can supply fresh labor to their prison industrial complex. The absence of a functioning democracy combined with a confused public by decades of right wing propaganda, makes many Americans rightfully fearful of a government that only serves a few powerful interests.
Meanwhile the extreme right doesn’t mind an armed citizenry as our history has shown that our mentally deranged only lash out at the innocent but rarely focus their anger on the architects of the country’s misery. Of course if the public started shooting up the halls of Congress, lobbying groups on K Street or the boardrooms of our most evil corporate predators, the government may very well move towards a gun free society quite quickly. In the meantime though our nation of angry, armed men will continue targeting the usual haunts like churches, schools, entertainment venues and loved ones.


Whether not you agree with confiscation, the scale of the problem is now so immense that it may very well be the only way left us to significantly reduce gun deaths in this country. With 300 million plus guns now in circulation, laws limiting sales of new guns would be too little and way too late. Whether mandatory confiscation is actually doable in this country is an entirely different matter. It would truly be an upheaval of American culture. Doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime.


The vast majority of gun deaths in the US are suicides. If someone really wants out of the game, they’ll find a way to do it. You can’t outlaw every item that can be used to end your own life.

The next big chunk is homicide. There are already laws on the books that make murder illegal but, for some reason, there is a group of people that just don’t care. The penalty for having an unlicensed or illegal weapon pales in comparison to penalties for murder. That being said, a large proportion of these homicides are clustered in cities that have gang problems. Their guns are already illegal. You don’t need a buy back program. Just go take them. Of course, you better have police with military grade equipment, because the bad guys aren’t gonna want to give up their automatic weapons without a fight.

Taking away Farmer Brown’s coyote rifle, or my 9mm (licensed) personal sidearm is not going to put much of a dent in gun violence in this country. We need to vigorously enforce the laws that are already on the books.


Gun confiscation Is a really lousy idea, and unconstitutional. Put severe limits on assault type weapons, leave my pump 12 gauge out of it.


Only when $100 limit on campaign contributions becomes law might government confiscate guns.


First one has to abolish the second amendment. Then one has compare the probable body count durig the confiscation process with the current bodycount and go from there.

On the other hand you have to look at the number of weapons available and the number of gun owneres and compare that to the number of criminals using guns and uestion yourself wheter you want to abolish the constitutional rights of a huge majority because of the 1% that commit crimes. Then you gotta think what comes next?


Do you really think that gun advocates trust the people who control this nation’s police, national guard, and/or military,or any organization, for that matter, to store their firearms for them? Absolutely not. That would be an irreversible first step toward an easy confiscation. Only an idiot would buy into that.

You want to know how trustworthy the general military is? In the early 1970’s, I was stationed in S. Korea; and, had to travel to a different Army base for a medical appointment that would be the next afternoon. When I arrived at the base, I was told to stay in a certain barracks, where I would have to arise the next morning at 5:00 AM. I said to myself, “screw that”; and, went looking for an empty bed in a regular barracks. I found one; and, in that barracks, I met a soldier who proceeded to show me his illegal 45; and, who told me about all of the commissary goods shipments he and others were stealing and selling to the local Korean black market. He said that the NCO in charge of their barracks was aware of what they were doing; but, knew that if he reported it to higher ups, they’d kill him (thank you for your service…right?). This experience provided me with a pretty good idea why I couldn’t find a single Nikon, Minolta, or Canon camera in any of the commissaries.

Do you have any idea how much theft of goods and of cash there is within the military? Recall that the military is never audited.


Once again the liberal fantasy surfaces: the hidden hope that somehow, SOME WAY, “gun confiscation” will become a reality in the U.S.

“Nobody wants to take your guns,” runs the liberal lie, the truth only slipping out by accident, occasionally. As in this article.

Well, Mr. Scharfenberg, if you want to precipitate The Second American Civil War, keep on trying to spread your fantasy. Even an Australian-style buy-back scheme—especially at the preposterous average purchase price of a paltry $500/firearm—will likely be met with a hail of bullets.

You’ve tipped your hand, Mr. Scharfenberg; therefore, any hope for compromise or “common ground” on the topics of guns or gun control is water long gone under the bridge.


Bit of an illiterate, conspiracy-buff, whack-job, aren’t you?


Careful who you call a whack job. Your side holster with the John Wayne autograph, is showing.
Gun confiscation may not work but early childhood education certainly would. Say, starting at 2-3 years of age in pre-school/daycare and moving up until 18, and graduation. The shunning of gun culture entirely, with our tax dollars spent the way a very large % want it.
There’s more than one way to skin a ( pole ) cat.


He joined an hour before posting.
you are dead on about the holster.


“met with a hail of bullets”

Oh the wet dreams of those who have their nuts in clamps.


I would go along with the Australian style effort only if the government would agree to de-militarize the police as well. I think I will not have to worry about making that decision.


Good idea.

How about de-militarizing the Military. Instead of the United States taxpayers supporting 800 military bases all over the globe, reduce that number to zero.

Bring our troops home. Stop creating terrorism. Stop $Billion weapons sales to other known terrorist countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Until these changes are instituted, weapons manufacturers in the U.S. will continue to pump out guns and bullets faster than a Congressman or Senator can stick out their hand to accept money from those same manufacturers for giving their support to them.


Your’s is the best idea I have heard Ann.

Education is the key.

OK, one of the keys.


Yes, I agree 100%. Bring them home and stop lying to the young men and women who think they are signing up to defend America.


The big question is: Why do they shoot up the innocent only? Is it fear- is it actually agreeing with the corrupt on Wall Street and in congress? What is it? These people also continually vote against their own interests. For instance- voting for Dump despite his corruption and denigration of anyone who is not like him. Let’s also remember this: After Reagan got shot by a deranged gunman- we had the Brady law enacted. This is a great inciteful post.


Of course- we seem to be the nation that extends way beyond our borders- all part of the MIC.