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Handing Trump Chance to Move Supreme Court Even Further Right, Justice Anthony Kennedy Retires


Handing Trump Chance to Move Supreme Court Even Further Right, Justice Anthony Kennedy Retires

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After a series of rulings just this week demonstrated how much damage a conservative majority on the Supreme Court can do to the rights of workers, women, and immigrants, Justice A


Not sure what is expected of Schumer and the Democrats to stop an appointment. They are in the minority in the Senate. I think the advantage of the Republicans have is most of them put party over country. Nobody does that more than Mitch McConnell. My impression of the Democrats is that most think first of what is good for the country. That sort of limits what you can do but of course it is the right thing to do. George Washington himself warned about what could happen if political parties put party first.That completely undermines the value of political parties.


Which means they should do everything in their power to bring the Senate proceedings to a complete halt.


You are delusional if you really think the Democrats think of country before party. Sorry. Schumer is a do-nothing but support his own interests and the rest are right behind him. They are all corrupt and complicit.


To sum up here, so the rest of you don’t have to read the whole article:

Absent an untimely opening on the right-wing side of the Court after 2020 (or in the best case January 2019), we’re f*cked for years to come.

In my view, Kennedy’s decision to retire now borders on traitorous given:

  • his prior decisions on Roe v. Wade issues and gay rights

  • what’s at stake and

  • the current makeup of the Court.

His legacy will not be the opinions he authored or the votes that he took, but the extreme right-wing Court that he will have enabled. A sad epitaph to his service on the Court.


Democrats preserve their corporate funding machine above all else.

With the most right wing SCOTUS in history in place by 2020 it won’t matter if Greens occupy every Congressional seat…the 1% will simply have their judges overturn whatever legislation comes from Congress that the 1% don’t like.


Nothing to see here. This loathsome little closeted homosexual may not have been a full blown Nazi, but if you check his armoire I’m sure you’ll find more brown shirts than blue. While he may have at times shown brief flashes of support for LGBT causes, in the end he always sided with the other Federalists on nearly every issue, especially those that helped maintain the US Oligachy.
This pick may prove to be Trumps swan song, so he may just toss up a Hail Mary and nominate worst Nazi he can find. The Donald will then leave office before the full brunt of the Mueller investigation bears down upon him, comfortable in the fact that he took the rubes to the cleaners all the while further enriching himself. The rubes of course won’t care, as they will have gotten everything they ever dreamed of. They will be able to hate and discriminate against anyone they want, on religious grounds of course. They will be able to go to sleep at night comfortable with the knowledge that no minorities will threaten the white power structure for at least another generation, those commies at work won’t be able to unionize anymore, that Latino refugee prisons will be filled with cheap workers to plow their fields, and that little pink fetuses will no longer live in fear of being aborted. The poor will live in a Christian caliphate. The rich, well, they’ll live where they are now.
Oh, and anyone who dares speak out against this new/old status quo? You’ll be working the fields with those Latinos.


From the article:

“With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats will have to demonstrate a different level of political courage…”

Don’t hold your breath.


But rest assured, whatever brand of Nazi trump nominates will recieve the full backing of Manchin, Donnolly, Tester, and Heitcamp.


More to the point, they are powerless. What happens when Americans vote Republican. Anti-Hillary Democrats should take a long look in the mirror today.


The democrats should have run a better candidate. You know, one that would have actually campaigned in swing states, and not sat on her fat ass in Manhattan hoping to win the Oval Office on the cheap.
You Clintonites need to climb down from your crosses and realize this fact, the democratic party’s movement to the right of center under the Clintons helped create a Donald Trump. He’s your fault. Choke on him.


Where did I assert that exactly? Don’t think I did…


You’re a persistent shill for the corporate Democrats, defending the indefensible and lying blatantly to do it.
Schumer is a Zionist, always backing Israel, so how does that show he thinks of what’s good for America.
Almost all the Democrats voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and continue to hand billions to the war machine.
And that’s just some of many examples.
Regarding the matter at hand, read this and get a clue:


Bullshit. Hillary and the corporate Dems should take a long look in the mirror about how they ran a terrible campaign, took hundreds of millions in corporate donations, failed to get Obama’s Supreme Court pick installed, and otherwise fail us all the time.
Stop shilling for the corporate Dems, you utter fool.


There is no fillibuster for judicial nominees in the Senate. Schumer can delay a bit, but it’s over.

This was all knowable in 2016. I spoke about it endlessly in comments, but was told I was pushing “fear voting” and a whole bunch of other stuff that is going to seem like more and more bullshit as time moves forward.


My bad - I read your response to Lex as your own statement when my reply should have been to him and not you. Sorry.


This house is not on fire, yet. Look at it this way, we stopped being a nation of laws a long time ago. The fake screen of the 3 branches of government, is just that, fake.


Hurry Chuck and Nancy. My, my. Go ask your billionaire donors what to do. You might also want to see how much it costs to implant a backbone.


Right, 50 votes is all it takes


There is nothing they can do, there is no Senate fillibuster. The time to do something was 2016. The next time is 2018. Give Schumer control of the schedule and floor, then he can do something.

I really hope some progressives realize institutions and control do matter. We may not always get what we want in candidates, but we can maintain what we do have.