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Handing Trump 'Terrifying Authoritarian Surveillance Powers,' House Democrats Include Patriot Act Reauthorization in Funding Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/handing-trump-terrifying-authoritarian-surveillance-powers-house-democrats-include


Let’s remember that the “Patriot” Act was preprepared and came out of the jar quite quickly folks. The fix was in.


Of course they did. Who do you think the dems are? Gotta keep America free from them deplorable peasants in the street. The global financial collapse will soon be at hand. When the sheep start loosing their cars, homes and are garnished for their meager wages to pay the wall street bankers (again), Hong Kong will look like a Sunday dinner gathering.


Thanks for that. I’ve said for years that things like the patriot act and the dept of homeland security didn’t just pop up in October of 2001. They must have been in the pipe for quite some time, just waiting for the proper moment to launch.


Follow the money. The “surveillance state” includes all the corporations contracted by the intelligence community. It’s huge business. This is more Democrat corruption.


Almost as though the REAL terrorists were plotting… say it ain’t so, Marinus van der Lubbe? Sorta like The Resistance™ protection psyop, being ALL about silencing dissent of we the deplorables? We terrorists were HERE, all along? Hundreds of millions of us, biding our time, living in Walmart parking lots, our robotic overseers leading us about Amazon break-bulks through Christmas… we have met the enemy and we is US!


How the Senate Democrats running for POTUS vote on this will tell us a lot about how they really feel about democracy, personal rights and civil liberties.


I’m reading Permanent Record by Ed Snowden. His career is an example of how intertwined corporate and state intelligence agencies have become. When he was working for the corporate side he was making real money. Rep. Omar was right, it is all about the Benjamin’s, no matter what issue yer talking about.



I disagree with people who say the Dems are as bad as the GOP (because on a few issues and in levels of degree they aren’t), but in many ways there’s definitely a two-party duopoly that is wholly corrupt and fascistic.
It would have been very useful if this article had reported the actual vote count and name list of for vs. against.
What you’d find is that almost every Republican voted for this, but at least some Democrats such as AOC and Omar voted against it.
It looks like we have to voter-purge all but the progressives from the Democratic Party and also purge all the GOP politicians from office, while creating a third-party that is totally progressive.


People should look at this re-authorization of increased surveillance powers to Trump in the context of the current impeachment hearings. I have been trying to point out for some time that the Democrats (and the CIA’s) opposition to Trump is not the same as the majority of Americans (immoleaments violations, stoking a fascist movement, immigration policy, tax cuts to the rich etc, etc). They oppose Trump because they differ on foreign policy. Just look at the narrowness of scope of these hearings. The Dems, MSDNC, the NYT and CIA want a much more agressive stance towards Russia (who is almost on par w/ us as to nuclear weapons).


As was the the mayor of NYC. A Republican mayor of NYC?

At the time it struck me as rather strange, but now I understand.

He’s now Trump’s personal lawyer!

For what good this will do him, but you might be pleased to know.


And don’t forget the anthrax.

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I agree with you… Patriot Act is part of wider American Global Networked War strategy… a game changer… which includes satellites, drones, etc. as well as said global collection of data. In some sense that train has already left the station long,long ago… it will be very hard to bring it back!!


Great article from repubblica. Thankyou


Who could have even imagined flying planes into building… especially funded, engaged and completed by our great friend, Saudi Arabia.

Seems SA might be more a friend of wealth than humanity.


What’s good about it is that it betrays the propaganda.

They don’t need rape anymore, they got him now.

Not sure about your argument here. It would seem to me that the chances of impeachment would be much greater with regards to “foreign policy” charges as the original documents of US founding specifically state “treason” and “bribery” as reasons for impeachment. Not an expert here… but as for “tax cuts to the rich”… wasn’t that what the American Revolution all about:)??

There’s collusion in Washington DC all right. Between both halves that form the uniparty.


Something like this will bring it back and rather quickly at that.

Alas it is likely to be a rather sad thing.