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Hands off Lebanon: Macron’s Self-serving ‘New Pact’ Must Be Shunned

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/hands-lebanon-macrons-self-serving-new-pact-must-be-shunned

Sort of reminds me of the whole trying to remove the speck in your neighbor’s eye whilst ignoring the spike in your own.

Well, it is certainly better than him not visiting. Can you imagine how abandoned Lebanon would have felt in that case? People are fickle. Scenes like this happen all the time, even as far back as the classical era. South-East Asia welcomed the Japanese as liberators before realizing they were worse than their previous colonizers, and thus welcomed the Americans and British back when the war turned. (Thankfully, this time the British and Americans knew that the colonial era was over)

People will come around. They will eventually see who their real vs false friends are, just like they did in Haiti after imploring Obama to take over. c’est la vie

This is the best article on what happens in Lebanon I have read.


In essence the West tries to turn it back into a Colony , a client State with a Government controlled by the Western powers. In return for the loans being promised to Lebanon , the Country is to implement neo-liberal policies , opening up its economy to ownership by Western Corporations and cutting social program spending.

Meanwhile China sees Lebanon as a natural terminus to the “great silk road project”. This a power struggle and nothing more. There no concern for lebanon or its people. France just wants another nation to plunder.

But China doesn’t appear to use their military, regime change or sanctions to maintain their economic advantage, do they?

Precisely , which is why Escobar suggests Lebanon far better off with China as an ally/