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'Hands Off Medicare': Sanders, Other Lawmakers Call Out Trump's Promises


'Hands Off Medicare': Sanders, Other Lawmakers Call Out Trump's Promises

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. lawmakers, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), along with seniors and activists on Wednesday delivered more than one million petition signatures demanding that President-elect Donald Trump does not gut Medicare.

"You told the seniors of this country you were on their side, you told working people you were on their side," Sanders said in a press conference marking the petition delivery. "You said you would not cut Social Security, you would not cut Medicare...millions of us are going to demand that you keep your promise."

Watch below:


It won’t be Trump that sells America. It will be the Koch congress.
Unless the impotent democrats vow to filibuster every single piece of legislation in the next four years, by 2020 Medicare will be a block grant program admnistered by the states. Medicaid will not exist. All new contributions to SSI will be in the form of a 401k. Abortion and chemical birth control will be illegal at the federal level. The ACA will be eliminated. The civil rights voting act will gutted. Corporate income taxes will be eliminated. The EPA, the depts of energy, education, and revenue will be disbanded. The military will be (completely) privatized. Deficits will skyrocket. Corporations and other nations will buy all the remaining US debt in the form of bonds. They will then forclose on those bonds and take the rest of the US commons in payment. The government will be bankrupt and replaced by a special corporate board that will allow elections, but only at a local level. The states will be divided up by the debt collectors.
Then the US will recognize its destiny as it officially becomes the corporate states of North America. The Republican Party will not pussy foot around. This is what they have been working on for the last fifty years. They will do so much damage in the next two years that it may be irreversible. In four, you’d better learn the corporate anthem.


If there is any advantage to a President Trump over a President Clinton, perhaps Americans will follow the votes and actions of elected officials more closely and keep their feet to the fire. With a Clinton presidency there may have been a gradual decline in average Americans’ lives, much as we’ve experienced for the past 35 years with people barely involved, if at all. The Democratic Socialists of America had a huge surge in membership after the election, and we have to hope that more Americans become involved in political organizations on the left…


Sounds like a dystopian society that only humand could create, and nature will beat us all.


Yes, and let’s stop all this depressing talk especially from rich people who will not be affected anyway.


Good, and make sure the main street media knows this. Remember these are people, and we need not be afraid of them, but need to be vigilante about their policies. When Bush 2 was president, he made everything sound hunky dory couched in upside down language.


If you want to sing the corporate anthem, go right ahead. If everything is broken, who is going to support the rich? We already have far too few people working now anyway.


As the teapartiers said, “keep your hands off my Medicare.”

What is Ryan’s obsession with privatizing medicare?


Big plus! Trump recruits for Leftists!


Better learn the lessons of Standing Rock.


It’s always the money, for him and his buddies from the Insurance industry.


They don’t really need so many of us anymore. They trade among themselves and with other countries.


Hey, where is Warren?


Probably a shill for the insurance companies.


That might be true, but they still need us- they just think they don’t . Also, without buying of products, their investment values go down.


They might have their investments, but typically rich people do not like to spend money. They leave it for their heirs.


Tea partiers can’t admit they like medicare- afer all it is run by the government.


You got it. We need a General Strike shutting down everything if they dare to tamper with Medicare and Social Security. It’s a real shame when all our cars run out of gas on the onramps at the same time.


You are exactly right, BigB, the Republicans “will not pussy foot around.” What a shame the same can’t be said about the Democrats. The Dems had the same opportunity when Obama was elected, and he did nothing. I believe he is the worst president ever because of that. His failures have brought us where we are today.


Calling for a general strike from your beach in the phillipines is a bit ironic, don’t you think?