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Hands off Venezuela

Hands off Venezuela

H. Patricia Hynes

Hope and US Aid at the Border: the title of a recent New York Times video deodorizes the US attempt to overthrow President Maduro of socialist Venezuela and replace him with a hand-picked member of the Venezuelan elite, capitalist class.

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Good article.
Now, THIS is how our thinking must be!

The most power-wielding muscle-men of this land (unelected cash barons) not only do not DEFEND our nation through their actions & proposals, they, themselves constitute the largest group actively conducting a War on Democracy right here.

Democracy? People participating in decision-making according to their needs and desires? That’s just bumper-sticker jargon. It’s not fo everyone.

Those who try so hard (and spend so much PR cash to twist our minds), claim that Freedom (as they see it) surges from the “marketplace” where the “best” brands “win.” War, then, as a big cash cow, must be our major resource leading to more “freedom.” IN their case, Free-Dumb! Hateful, dishonest, and selfish.

The U.S. uses all its tentacles to screw up the economies of countries whose resources we want, and it would not be too surprising if Uncle Sam colluded with its Saudi business partners to lower oil prices putting Venezuela & others in deeper crisis. We play similar games with our own population right here.


A must watch:


The Real News did some reporting on this and showed links with the Koch brothers-and people like Bolton serving the interests of the Koch brothers.----This is all about the COMMONS----who does the oil belong too? This is all about stealing and controlling the wealth of a nation------and the people here in the US should open their eyes.—the hypocrisy is glaring.


As other Latin American countries she has had the temerity to want to have business dealings with China–and why not? Maduro is a threat to the corporate interests of the US dominated by that Protestant section of “Christianity” that has always been at war with the dominant Catholic Latin America. These folks conflate profit, power and jingoistic militarism with “christianity”.

This too is a threat to their long held power–can’t have folks in the US getting ideas such as Green New Deal, true single payer healthcare, publicly supported education, state run banks, worker cooperatives, etc., etc., don’t want to be deprived of desperate people willing to fight wars of intervention such as Venezuela to steal others’ resources for them.

One more thing: When we take an honest look at our history of theft, genocide, slavery and the militarism and racist rationalizations to uphold them we certainly get why the US wanted to wipe out the indigenes–note that in most of Latin America this has not been the case where there has been wide assimilation–the indigenes way of life was and still is one of sharing that, essentially, means socialistic–can’t have that threatening the accumulation of wealth for this cabal of corporatists now can we?


Excellent interview and perspective. Thanks!


Here is a clip of Lee Camp deconstructing MSNBC’s relentless propaganda on Venezuela:

“overthrow President Maduro of socialist Venezuela and replace him with a hand-picked member of the Venezuelan elite, capitalist class”

Guaidó is a member of the Voluntad Popular party. The party is part of the Socialist International. Can’t get any better than that. I guess you could be some kind of proto communist party like the DSA but that’s another story.

Hynes sez:
" Major Danny Sjursen, who served tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan, proposes that the Department of Defense should be renamed the Department of Offense."

From the country’s founding until 1947, it was known as the U.S. Department of War. I propose a return to that language, with one modification: The Department of War Profiteering.

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I can name a number of members of our ‘Democratic’ party whose ‘representation’ and actions are far more consistent with those of a right-wing Republican. The name and party are meaningless these days.

I agree. It just goes to show how the Amerikan, fascist, media, brainwashes the American public by never showing the million and half people that still support Maduro. Thanks for the video.

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