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Hannity Mercilessly Mocked for Proposing Armed Guards in US Schools, Shopping Malls After Shootings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/hannity-mercilessly-mocked-proposing-armed-guards-us-schools-shopping-malls-after

The corporate interests which has a stranglehold on our democracy is no less captivating on the media. I applaud the The momentary outbreak of honesty on the part of Beto O’ Rourke. I hope that his indignation isn’t short lived. I’m

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hannity; a ridiculous, right wing, ass kissing stooge of trump, what a guy huh?

Is Hannity’s plan for safety, or the next step for the 4th Reich?
Why would we replace one crazed shooter for another, that’s sanctioned by the state. This is incredibly stupid on so many levels. But is Hannity really that stupid?
Ask the kids at Parkland HS if their campus cop made them safer.

In Dayton, Ohio, it has been reported that the police engaged and killed the shooter 24 seconds after he opened fire. He still managed to kill 9 and wound 27, firing 41 shots in less than 30 seconds.

To those who insist on carrying a gun “for protection,” I ask: If you had been in the line of fire, what makes you think your popgun would have protected you? What makes you think that you could have responded in less than 24 seconds to save yourself, let alone other lives?

How does flooding the public areas of the country with more trigger-happy gun creeps eliminate the element of surprise? I can imagine the response: “I could take him out and keep him from killing any more.” So our goal as a nation should be to limit the carnage to only double digits in each of our world-leading mass slaughters?

Which of our mass killers first loudly announced that he was here to kill everyone, and anyone who had a gun should step forward to challenge him to a quick draw contest? That’s right, none of them. They start shooting from ambush, or without warning. In their sick, warped, terrorist minds, they believe that they must kill as many as possible before they are engaged, and they do that by opening fire in a crowd of unsuspecting victims who would never have a chance even if they were all armed. Very, very few of these people get away, and most have no intention of doing so. It is a suicide mission, they know it, and their goal is just to kill as many as they can before they go down.

Police are armed, soldiers are armed, and yet both can be and are killed. Still, the foolish hubris which governs the gun culture assigns automatic invulnerability to anyone carrying a gun, as though the very presence of this magical, holy instrument were enough to guarantee that any problem can be prevented, any obstacle eliminated.

And all of this for only one reason: A very small minority of men are making a lot of money from selling guns, and have enlisted politicians and media celebrities to aid them in creating more carnage and more hysteria in the pursuit of more sales and more money. All the lives in the country are not worth a decline in bottom line, and they would kill as many as possible to make another buck.

Create fanatics, create fear, create sales.


That’s gonna go over real big in majority black schools. I think it was back in the 90’s in NYC when 4 or 5 cops were shooting at a suspect, didn’t hit the suspect but wounded around 10? innocent bystanders. Anyone here remember that story better than I do?

Plus he’s as dumb as a fucking brick.

USA, USA, USA!!! Another number one for our “great” country.

Just what we need, more war, bigger guns and military gear for the police, and more guns in public places. We unwittingly beg for more violence in our communities, and around the world.
Changing leadership doesn’t seem to accomplish much. But it shows we are trying.

There a number of articles such as this posted after every such incident that claim Guns save more lives each here then are killed by guns.

It suggested that if more people had guns they would be able to more readily use them against these mass shooters. This claim made in spite of the fact that the shooter in Dayton was engaged by the police within 24 seconds as was alluded to by another up above.

That said let us assume the numbers of “defensive gun uses a year” is in fact in the tens if not hundreds of thousands per year (some claim it in the millions) is in fact true. How is it that peoples in other countries can refrain from killing one another when many of those Countries have Gun Control? Are citizens in the USA that exceptional in that if they know their fellow citizen not armed , they will subject that person to violence?

The premise of such articles is that these “defensive use of firearms” somehow a GOOD thing and the United States of America blessed in that the Citizen able to defend themself with what they claim a Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. The reality is that if those people with guns are all that stopping another several hundreds of thousands of deaths a year at the hands of “Criminals” , then the Society is a sick one indeed.

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When is lil’ Seanie going to undergo waterboarding like he promised.

That effin punk-ass bitch doesn’t have the guts.

Does this complete moron have any idea of the kind of society he suggesting for us to live in? Of course not. The fact that an idiot like this has any audience at all speaks volumes as to where we are at as a society. Must not have read 1984. Why not address the problem at its root? American society is sick and needs a diagnosis and a cure, not a placebo.

This is the ad campaign that has been waged for as long as this debate has been going on. I have been told online and in person that “anyone who attacks me is going down, even if they are armed too.”

See? My gun is magic, and I cannot be harmed. Yours is immaterial.

All you who are physically inferior or in fear of armed, mentally unstable attackers, buy my guns. Then buy two more. Keep them on your body, in your car, in your bedroom, next to the toilet. Always be safe; with a gun purchased from me, you are invincible, invulnerable. Not a guarantee, of course, since we all know that armed people are killed all the time, but hey, even if you get hit first, maybe you can take one with you at least. Your family can then point out how heroically you died, and maybe get discounts at Home Depot.The most important thing is I made money selling you the power to kill indiscriminately.

Y’all Have a nice day.

Is Hannity also going to Pay for all those Millions of Retired Cops?

Are there even that many Retired Cops available?