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Hapless Panicked Clown: DO SOMETHING! Entirely Proficient Mueller: I Am


Hapless Panicked Clown: DO SOMETHING! Entirely Proficient Mueller: I Am.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller set to announce the first charges of his grand jury investigation Monday, the buffoon-in-chief has responded with his usual gravitas, wisdom and restraint: In a Twitter meltdown, he sputtered and babbled about deleted emails and witch hunts and "GUILT by Democrats" before shrieking, "DO SOMETHING!" Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, hopefully not for long.


Hillary is guilty of collusion. Here’s what happened: after becoming Secretary of State, she forced the multi-member Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a host of other agencies to approve a majority-owned-by-Russians firm to mine uranium in this country to stay in this country for non-weapon use in civilian power. A Foundation donor who was no longer with the firm at the time was in on this massive conspiracy because he donated a couple years before she became Secretary of State. Clearly quid-pro-quo and serious signs of illegal activity.

Then, in 2016, the Clinton’s leaked internal campaign emails that our current president asked the Russians to help hack publicly to try and win an election. They invited a Russian lawyer and former intelligence agent to meet with Trump’s son and campaign manager to offer information on Clinton that Trump’s son and campaign manager wanted to see. They also funded opposition research via a private company that was previously funded by anti-Trump Republicans, what is called “opposition research,” something we have to pretend campaigns never do and is totally unique to Clinton campaign associates. This is inspite of the fact that members of the Trump campaign met with foreign interests to garner compromising information on their opponent, something they claim themselves as defense against the idea they might have colluded with said foreign government in untoward ways.

After she lost the election, that dastardly Clinton—pushing for WWIII—had her good friend, James Comey, start investigating an administration that featured multiple people who lied on security clearance forms and to Congress. One person, known for his Clinton love, happened to be an unregistered foreign agent that took undisclosed backdoor payments from Russia and Turkey. Clinton clearly set Trump up to appoint this person head of the National Security Council via mindcontrol. She also influenced a chief adviser, Jared Kushner, to not disclose multiple questionable business arrangements on legal forms, such is the power of her corrupt witchcraft. Sadly, she also forced our incorruptible neoconfederate AG to lie to Congress as well via her awesome powers.

I could go on, but I think we all see what’s happening. Progressives need to get behind the peace candidate of 2016 and support him in asking US Attorneys to resign unexpectedly. We also need to support House Republicans in their 60th investigation into the mighty powers of Clinton. Cackling over her cauldron, she is behind it all.

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Great job! You almost had me.


I tried.


What creeps. The more that is outed about the bunch of them the more they reveal themselves to be among the inferior class of the elite. In particular is their constant need to project themselves as intellectually superior cognitive actors, when nothing could be more out of reach. These trumps really are pigs.


KC wrote tongue-in-cheek… You could feasibly sell this to Breitbart or Parry or Truthdig who would embrace it as FACT and run the piece for weeks on end.


The problem is the system, not the clown.