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Hapless Response to BC Diesel Spill Has First Nations and Enviros Worried


Hapless Response to BC Diesel Spill Has First Nations and Enviros Worried

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In the wake of last week's diesel spill in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, First Nations people and environmentalists expressed concerns over the "totally inadequate" response by indus


The barge the tug was pushing was in fact empty of fuel. Had that run aground this would be orders of magnitude worse.

The tankers they want plying the Coastline have orders of magnitude more fuel/oil than the barge the tugboat that sank was pushing and they want to increase this traffic 20 times and more.

What they are in fact doing is saying we are willing to take that gamble and destroy the coastline and the livelihood of all of those people so that the Corporations can make more profits.

It is shifting wealth from the local people and in particular the First Nations peoples to those investors.


The abstract devouring machine called neoliberal capitalism rolls on. Neoliberalism is a religion--a narcissistic and sociopathic religion, that has been so completely naturalized that it is now invisible to its devotees.


US tugs& barges should be routed offshore.
The "Inside Passage" is not" International".
It is Canadian.
Standard insurance is not enough for the volume/hazard of US support for/to Alaska.
Insure-up or go offshore.
Empty or not makes no diff.


Trudeau: The moral male equivalent to Hillary Clinton.
Why are our political elite so obsessed with catering to gas and oil interests?
Never mind, I just heard the ching, ching of ye old cash register.


"World class emergency responses" by oil companies is just nihilistic, profit grasping rhetoric.
They cannot control any spill or resolve any spill in an environmentally safe way.
They play, we pay to maintain these corrupted oligarchs.


During his tenure as senior Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens constantly fought to allow larger tankers to navigate Puget Sound, which is part of the inside passage. The "world class emergency responses" was one of his serial mantras while tankers that have plied those waters for decades are already large enough to damage a large part of the passage depending on current and tidal conditions.




Headline change - "Hapless Response to BC Diesel Spill Has Sane People Very Worried"