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Happening Now: Armed Police Descend on Water Protectors at DAPL Site


Happening Now: Armed Police Descend on Water Protectors at DAPL Site

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

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Claims such as that attributed to the Sheriff's spokesperson, blaming the Army Corps, are what's wrong with Pres. Obama's settling for letting the process "play out" over weeks. We must demand a response direct from the Army Corps. Either they're defying their command, or the Sheriff's speaker is lying. Let's have some journalistic investigation, and no, I don't trust the Bismarck Tribune to do it (or they would have gone behind the Sheriff's claim before they published it).


The bravery of the water and land protectors contrasts sharply with the mealy mouthed milquetoast statements from the leader of this country, and his chosen replacement. Everything the Dems say about DAPL oozes with insincerity and duplicity. The PTB intend for this pipeline to go through; their wealth, their position, their power depends on coddling the fossil fuel companies and the banks. The corpses are in charge not the government!

I've heard the pipeline company is determined to get this pipeline through by Dec 1. This video shows drone footage showing just how close they are to the River, because the whole apparatus of the state government is being used to make it happen, including using law enforcement as security as the company builds even at night.


Nice idea in general, but I wouldn't want to clog up the phone lines against credentialed journalists forcing folks like the Army Corps to confirm or deny. I think a "staff writer" for CD might get through.


I really appreciate that CD is providing such thorough coverage as this horror unfolds. I am hopeful that the water protectors will continue to hold out and that that we will see an even wider display of solidarity with them after the election. The election is currently sucking all of the air out of the room (actually, it just generally sucks) and the broader public is not hearing much about the DAPL protests.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is ALLOWED to order law enforcement officers to make arrests??? That's pretty frightening!


Yeah, they're not. And the Army Corps is currently under its own orders to stand down on this project. I think they're being slandered by the Sheriff's mouthpiece (and CD, to be fair, was only quoting the Bismarck Tribune, which quoted the mouthpiece).


When are you leaving? I'll try to meet you at your place, but you'll have to have a wheelchair to push me in (unless you'd rather carry me).

No, not practical. Let's use this being the information age and try to get some of that. Talk is cheap.


Subject: I know you're busy following the "standoff," but
From: barbara@bkswrites.com (barbara@bkswrites.com)
To: Blair.Emerson@bismarcktribune.com;
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 4:34 PM

I'm intrigued by the statement you attributed to Donnell Preskey, speaking for the Morton Co. sheriff's department, that "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers... has given Morton County orders to remove the bridge and arrest protesters for criminal trespass." I do not understand that the Army has the power to give orders to County forces. I do understand that the Army Corps is under orders from their own superiors to stand down on this general issue.

Since you have credentials and i don't, may I ask that one of your updates include clarification of this point from Preskey, or from you if it was a misstatement? And could you alert me, as I'm not a regular reader? I've been discussing it with a number of other people around the world, and we're all waiting to hear.

Thank you,
Barbara Kellam-Scott
Vernon NJ


The u.s. of fascism, gets more evil every day!


It's a bloody outrage!! This is not the nation my father believed he fought and died for in WWII -- I know he's turning over in his grave!


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwCaPitUEAAUa1d.jpg A Golden Eagle descended and allowed itself to be touched for an hour by the water protectors before flying off


Please, someone flag this offensive crap.


Thank you Obama and all those great Democrats out there that we simply must elect cause the other one's are so bad. They can all kiss my....
Bernie is fighting but where is Clinton?
This is your new government protecting the interest of Big Oil with our military, our police and against the people trying to save the planet and us from extinction. They have to fight both, climate change and the government, just to protect the water, my God.
This country is a poster child for Fascism, I'm sick at heart.
These fools have a death wish


It is of utmost importance to determine if the protesters are on native ceded lands or not. If they have treaty rights to these lands then the Federal government should back off and the State government is without legal rights at all. In the meantime, the protesters should be left alone, until the answer to the question is settled. After that the validity of their protests will be vindicated both in environmental rights and in law.


Welcome to the United Fascist States of America, 911 was there excuse to bring in the police state and bring us things like the Patriot Act. (talk about a Orwellian name). Still hard to believe this could be happening now. History is repeating itself. Prayers to all the brave Water Protectors there.




Solidaridad from our Sacred Earth Mother; She watches, and gives comfort to all who turn to Her!


Very sick troll alert...


Call the Army Corps of Engineers at: (202) 761-5903