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Happening Now: Bernie Sanders to Address His 1900 Delegates


Happening Now: Bernie Sanders to Address His 1900 Delegates

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is expected to address close to 1,900 supporters in Philadelphia on Monday, amid controversy over the Democratic National Committee's newly revealed support for Hillary Clinton and more.

The presidential candidate, whose campaign galvanized a swell of support from new and young Democratic voters, will address the full convention on Monday night.

Watch a live stream below, and check back for updates.


Please don't endorse crooked HRC
Bernie can beat trump. Endorse yourself please.


But he can't win...


I can't wait to see what scraps of magical thinking Bernie dead-enders will latch onto after tonight's prime-time, full-throated endorsement of Hillary. His every word will be parsed for some hint that what just happened didn't really happen.

Bernie is now an obstacle to change. Sad but true. He made his decision and he is going to have to live with it. Maybe it was a good decision. I can't see how, but who knows?

Personally, I'll never forgive him for selling out a generation of idealistic young people trapped in this collapsing neoliberal dystopia to the Clintons, who can and will only make things far worse. I pity the young people of this country and of this world.



Getting rid of most of the super-delegates is a good start... but can this nation really endure 4 years of the Clinton DLC agenda or that of a clueless fascist like Trump?

It's interesting that Sander's speech is being aired on FOX!

I guess the right wing network finds no threat in his words since he's no longer a contender for the throne. That belongs to those in the box office seats... like just about everything else in this country thanks to the deregulation schemes and scams that gave the very rich EVERY advantage along with the capacity to change, invert, distort, or break laws with impunity, and push all wealth to the top of the pyramid where they alone reside.

Glad to hear Sanders oppose the TPP.

He is closer to the halls of power than people in the street are; and he knows--firsthand (as does Nader) just how thick, deep, and comprehensive the impediments to any 3rd party candidate's run go.

Apart from the super-delegate item, this idea of "the most Progressive platform in the Democratic Party's history" doesn't fit. Not when Hillary and Kaine are for TPP and continued wars.

In any case, I think Sanders felt forced into this corner and the ONE concession is that he has the major platform now--in speeches like this--to make key issues known by millions of viewers-voters-citizens.


If he persists in his "support Clinton" nonsense even after this latest email exposure and her refusal to budge on important issues, then Bernie truly will have made history -- as the world's biggest fool.


NO! If they want to hold on to leadership positions in a party that has failed to hear the voice of the people, they better listen to the PEOPLE and not the Party. THEY need to make the concessions we demand of political parties going forward. It's not about THEM, it's about the direction American voters are and will inexorably head going forward. The Clintons, DWS, and the Wall Street backers CANNOT stop this train. The country is moving on WITH or without them. They failed US, they failed THEMSELVES. CHANGE, not HOPE. We are down to one word, Democrats. And that is CHANGE.


Bernie made a promise he wouldn't run Independent and he would support the candidate if he lost. He's done that. Now with the emails proving the election was stolen that promise has been fulfilled and he is released.
Why on earth would he not cry foul over a stolen election. Why is it that no one will stand up and demand we stop this sham of a convention?
Unless fixing elections in this country is ok now.


— Well, in terms of bringing people together, exciting them, motivating them ... YES.
— To REALLY make history ... YOU WIN over those of the status quo, who lie and cheat to get their way.
— to MAKE HISTORY ... you do not GIVE UP or GIVE IN to those who attacked your core values!

At THIS point, who can continue to make History ... is Jill Stein — unless you decide to join in, Bernie.


No, they won't acknowledge the emails are true but Donna Brazil is sorry for them. Sorry they got caught.
But no matter, Putin did it.


The DNC is nothing more than a racket run by slick and corrupt corporate lawyers, which is why it is always imposing such figures on an American public that does not want them.

You should realize, however, that such lawyers are highly skilled at setting things up in their favor once they have power, which is why the candidate no one wanted, with the policies no one supports, "won" the primary and will "win" the general election too.

This is a corrupt and brutal arrangement of power, and that's all it is. This is about raw power. The Democratic Party has it, and it intends to keep using it to crush any and all opposition to its highly lucrative and deeply-entrenched racket.


It's so awful that there's so much fire and passion on the streets of Philadelphia for a "champion" who is humiliating himself on a weekly basis on national television in order to encourage his idealistic followers to sell out their core political principles. Paul Street was so right to dub Bernie "the cowardly lion".

I really don't think I've ever seen a sellout of this magnitude in my life. Not to compare Bernie to MLK, but imagine MLK getting up on a stage with the KKK and applauding his followers for having "made history" and insisting that we all need to come together now, black and KKK, to defeat the Soviet Union.


"Bernie, what threats did they make against you to get you to finally endorse Hillary?"

(Someone should ask him that on live video. If he comes right out and straightforwardly answers "no, there were no threats" then I would believe him. But if he then hems and haws or changes the subject, I bet there were.)


Bernie was going to get my vote not because I hold any stock in this nation as it currently stands (it was, after all, conceived and executed on the bones of the First Nations People and on the blood and forced labor of the Africans) but because our youth deserve a future. The establishment, servants of the shadow fascist government wedded to the corporations, did a splendid job pushing the meme that Bernie was/is unelectable. For me now the question is whether or not to vote--HRC is not anywhere on my personal radar along with Trump. I am leaning toward non cooperation.


Do you think maybe Bernie is trying to avoid a Wellstone-type "suspicious death" and is hoping that his supporters will truly try to carry on the progressive fight without him having to become a martyr to it? He's not a stupid man. Maybe it's not his own life he is trying to save, but Jane's and/or other family members.


Has the Trump vitriole been transferred and absorbed by the supporters of Senator Sanders? The hate-filled, nasty comments about Senator Sanders are unwarranted and are surprising coming from his supporters. If Senator Sanders is willing to work with any Democratic president without compromising his life-long, heartfelt values, then I, too will support that president. His campaign has shown this nation and the world that changes need to be made and HRC is fully aware of that. The Democratic party is also starkly aware of the sweeping changes that need to be made. I, a Bernie delegate in my county (could not afford to be a state delegate), will follow his lead as I believe in him and his values.


Well, the speech was going OK until he suggested that we support the billionaire class that the rest of the speech said we need to oppose. Dissonance reflected in the delegates' reaction. Thank you delegates. You know this doesn't make any sense. Even heard one of you shout out when he said Trump doesn't support the Constitution, "Hillary doesn't either". Thanks to all the delegates that went to represent us and tell everyone, Bernie included, that we don't OK corruption with a vote for it.


Are you serious? Don't you think reference to "real world" was the closest he could come to hinting that his life and/or lives of Jane and family have been threatened? Your anger at Bernie is misdirected. Why don't you try campaigining across the country with the Clinton establishment sandbagging you every step of the way and see how good you are at it?


I definitely intend to vote for Jill Stein and any other Greens that are on the ballot. However, my distrust of the entire election system is so strong now that I fear any vote, including a vote for Jill Stein may be stolen and flipped to Hillary by the Diebold machine it is fed into. I know it sounds paranoid but the blatant corruption of this election cycle makes it very easy for me to believe that voting is now just a scam to make it look as if we get to choose our leaders. If people did not vote, would they just make up votes out of thin air?


Yes, Hillary is fully aware of it. And so her Platform Committee people knocked just about everything we wanted down. And the Rules Committee likewise. And before the ink was dry on DWS resignation, Hillary had announced how wonderful she was and re-hired her, letting all know that corruption doesn't matter as long as it benefits Hillary. You will be rewarded.